Grab the Bulldog by the Horns

Wow, I never thought I would do this again.  Go out to the bars that is.  Recently school has been all but relaxing and the thought of getting fucked up and getting my head all messed has been the last thing on my mind.  Oh and Mindinversion.  So when I had the opportunity to get out of my recent banal, boring, and mostly hectic thebulldog2life to get a dram I said, “maybe”.  ***  The beer smell remains on my couch, my floor, the walls, and I think on my clothes.  No worries there, I have to go to work and I have to perform.  ***  The night was all right, Tuesday I believe, no one is calling me.  Aaron calls.  Class was decent.  Before class I usually hangout with a friend of mine and do homework/ catch a 40.0z or possibly a Foster’s, which by now I am beginning to like (the beer that is).  I drive home from class.  On the way home I feel it is a good idea to stop at one of my favorite liquor stores in Minneapolis:  ZIPP’S.  This stop is out of the ordinary not for the simple fact that I stop, but because when I get to this liquor store I had this urge to take advantage of the cougar sampling wine.  Haha.  I think it was like a 20 minute “convo” over some Summit Horizon Red Ale and I was bouncing, no number though, I keep it simple. I had to ring Aaron on the beer, he is truly my beer encyclopedia.  If he didn’t have his Blackberry he would be nothing to me.  Just kidding.  I have a headache now and the ride home is loud (thanks in part to my custom muffler job on the Probe).  I, on the other hand have pre-game material.  Word.  Nine O’ clock I get in the car and we roll.  It is nice and breezy out and the rap coming out of the car speakers is getting me All-fired-up!  The first stop of the night is Legend’s, I believe sports bar, this place is pretty nice the nice girl at the door ignores us as we stroll up with our swagger.  We get inside and are promptly carded, seated, and questioned.  “Do you want to play trivia?”, the man behind the curtain asks, fuck I love trivia.  The answers weren’t coming so we enquire about a list of beers on tap.  The bar tender extends his arms gracefully to show us not a menu, but a wide array of like 6 beers they have on tap, none of them are truly considered a “specialty”.  I am truly disappointed, but Aaron comes out again and says, “Hey, its $2.50 for a beer, thats not bad.”.  Thats right, it is Minneapolis and $2.50 for a beer is dirt cheap.  We get some Summit EPA and consider it good.  the trivia, on the juxatopose, is not going so hot.  I literally know nothing of any of the questions.  The person questioning us is no announcer I might add.  After awhile we have a smoke, play some pull tabs, lose some money, and leave, but not after I find a surprise row of taps with different beers.  Thanks for the menu.  We never got a menu.  We leave.  Legends gets like a C for me, but definitely is classier than the Dinkytowner.

The next stop for the night would be the Bulldog, I had been here once before on Hydros when I was sick and I thought it was pretty decent at the time, yet it was still pretty expensive.  The Bulldog offered an exceptional selection of beers on tap, I believe it was getting closer to the winter months.  So, entering the Bulldog this time, I was not surprised by how large their selection still was and growing.  I look up and the first thing I see is huge flat-screens and whose face do I see?  Jack Nicholson’s.  The Laker’s were playing and we had front row with our buddy.  The lighting is dark, but just right.  The place is packed with businessmen, girls trying to get with businessmen, some of Minneapolis’s finest, and Aaron and I.  Or however your grammar chooses to view that situation.  We take a seat behind the tappers and receive the menu to make our choice.  I chose a Trappist Ale which none of you fucks have heard of because you are just not as wise as me about certain things.  This choice is pretty much the be all end all of your beer drinking existence.  You will not be disappointed.  Aaron got some sort of good beer that he enjoys and we began.  I also noticed on the menu, well Aaron did, that some things on the menu were half off.  We order.  What we get is mind-blowing.  Won-Ton somethings with applesauce.  Kick it!  At this time I am feeling fine it is getting late and wouldn’t mind leaving.  Aaron grabs another drink and we push for the door.  I give the Bulldog a B (B + if I was rich) grade because of its atmosphere, and in Minneapolis atmosphere is everything.  Right?  Bad joke.  To cap the night we stopped at a White Castle, best place ever, and got some shit-sliders to help the B.M. the next day.  That night was tight, but lets do it again sometime with more people, or just the same.  Better bars, better drinks, and hopefully a better review from someone who can think.


2 Responses to “Grab the Bulldog by the Horns”

  1. haaaa “because you are just not as wise as me about certain things”

  2. Great post Ter! ha! (B + if I was rich)! and shit-sliders! hahaha!

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