Radio Blah Blah

Upon my waking hour and for the past few days I have noticed a drastic change on the radio.  What’s been on the radio, as of late, has made me think.  I wake up I turn on the radio and I hear something bland and it pretty much sets me up for a bland day.  As winter grew longer and longer the songs I heard were growing more similar and the air play most of the banal songs received almost made me want to tear my ears off.  When spring and summer progressed and the titles and names changed, be it for worse or for better, I started to hear something different.  I realize I live in a very music friendly city and as the interesting music arrives so does the music I would not be proud to admit listening to.  Summer is now here and I am feeling different, I am feeling as though the things around me are changing.  The passion is still here, yet how frequently I will use it depends.  The days are longer and the time we spend outside is amazing no matter what the situation.  Enough of the babble and platitude that comes with a post like this, I must say turn your radio on, whatever station you choose, and just listen.  Have a good day and don’t stare at the sun too long.  Abscond and prosper.

PLEASE NOTE: The ideas presented in this post are those of T.S. Neibeling and they are not necessarily shared by anyone else here at MindInversion (or anyone else in general, for that matter). Use your discretion when reading.


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