Kreayshawn: Crazy or Inspirational? I am Inspired.

Apparent Marketing mogul, producer, director (of RHCP videos), artist, rapper, etc, 20-something Kreayshawn is doing it.  Now-a-days, on the internet and radio, you can’t really get away from Kreayshawn, and if you can you are trying too hard.

Find her on 89.3 the Current and Youtube like cold on ice-cream.

I woke up this morning to find her link blown up on my Facebook:–designer-beats.  I am all right with any kind of music really, but when I first heard “Gucci, Gucci” in the shower, on 89.3, on my ghetto-blaster of a stereo I was blown away.  This girl could say whatever and it flowed.  The words, “I got the swag and its coming out my ovaries” stuck with me so I did a search and found this little beauty.  To me she was immediately interesting.  She is important in a world of everyone is the same, media and entertainment style assault on the daily.  A difference was detected.

The song, however offensive it is, and the beat however designerish it is, is incredibly catchy and easy on the ears.  She sounds like a Vet to me, in comparison to her peers she is putting out realistic shit.  As compared to Nicki Minaj there is no comparison, Minaj is Hollywood produced (I doubt she writes her own songs), Kreayshawn is simply underground grown from Oakland.  Show me another girl that is doing hip-hop like this in the U.S. and we can compare notes.

Kreayshawn is at least very talented, and a best we should get a few hungry albums out of her.  She is dangerous, abrasive, and on her shit.  This girl is hot and she has done some work.

Hit up the video, and peep her other ish.  Honestly, as poppy and mainstream as her music might sound it is ridiculously hard and full of energy.  Word for word, she holds a bunch of candles to her contemporaries.  This is a Kreayshawn short so do the work and study what interests you.


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