Red Fang: I am inspired to drink beer again.

Recently, I was introduced to the stoner-metal band Red Fang of Portland, OR, by my buddy Daniel C (Thanks Buddy).  I was down in the dumps and I threw the video on.  At that very moment I could not stop laughing, I could not stop thinking about drinking shitty beer, and I generally felt better about my life.  Overall I feel that the music videos Red Fang has put out are ingenious; heavy with solid  lyrics, with a sound that comes across as crisp and hard, and with cinematography and creativity enough to keep people watching their videos.  Since this (the Red Fang) discovery, my love for beer has been rekindled, and I now believe there is still creative metal being made out there.

Red Fang is PBR for my ears.  You can quote me on that.

I would consider Red Fang akin to Clutch, and Queens of the stone age.  There is something to be desired about a band that can sound heavy, catchy, and still remain interesting in the rock world.  They offer a non-pretentious rock sound without the corporate mirage of we are so heavy that our corporate record labels pay us enough to buy expensive beer.  One can appreciate a band that can indulge in the finer things in life, without acting better than the rest, and still while delivering a listenable product.  I am not laughing at Red Fang I am laughing with them.

At the moment they are touring Europe (and I believe the U.S. relatively soon) with Mastodon.

Peep their Blog:  Red Fang Tour Blog

A Metal band that doesn’t take themselves too seriously.  Check the video, I loved it.  They deserve a listen, and I am going to pick up the CD ASAP, and a case of beer.  I would consider them underground, but they are blowing up in Europe, and everywhere they are heard.  Catch them before they get huge.  Boom.

Red Fang will hopefully bring shotgunning beers back.


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