Alt-J, In Love Again

In life we encounter smells and visuals that automatically take us back to a time; a campfire, a family member, a favorite food.  It is refreshing as a flashback, and an important reminder of what truly matters.  Like lighting a smoke, or taking a pull.  I feel music is the same.  As in love infatuation is the feeling of love, and love is the feeling of infatuation.  I found that love again in a song.  This song inspired me to write about music a bit, especially when I feel that life has taken hold and there is nothing to do but take it in.  When other music seems unimpressive, when music seems as trivial to write about as ideas, as everyone has an opinion.  As we all have our own ideas.  I hope this song inspires the love within us all.


We sat bedside and she played what she told me would change my mind.  I hadn’t heard of Alt-J and I was astonished.  I still don’t know much about Alt-J and I have heard his CD 4 or 5 times over.  I was blown away.  I guess that is what smoking pot and discussing topics on someone’s bed in their parent’s house affords.  More intellect than we could forget, I took this song with me.  I must have asked her who she was playing ten times before I finally remembered.

The genre of occupation which lead me to this situation was in the food industry of Minneapolis.  I sat splayed in a bed with an intelligent girl listening to what I feel is innovative and incredibly catchy; I relate the album to having a hint of Simon and Garfunkel with Andrew Bird and overdubbing styles of Queen.

She said:  We seldom appreciate the techniques now, she discusses.  Do you know how hard it was to do this in the past?  They almost wore through tapes creating masterpieces which we listen to.

She said this all with so much excitement.

I acknowledged and pay penance, I knew this but wanted to effectively show her it struck a cord.  Her taste in music was as good as nothing a few weeks back and now I know its importance, it is stuck in my head.  It is not as important to find and possess a thing, as it is to share and hold it for others to see, take in, and understand.  Or maybe just to investigate and discard.

The simple beauty of music is there is always a special song for a special moment; this is my last month.  Weddings, first-dates, a dance.  This song will be engrained into my psyche until something new changes that, or forever.  Whichever it is, I would like to take a moment for music appreciation and say this song is stuck in my head and changing me for the better.  I hope a song does that for you.

I feel a music flashback is just as strong as a flashback brought by a smell, or a visual.  Indy rock, as in Alt-J, is incredibly good at capturing me in a sense of melancholic nostalgia.

Do yourself a favor and find someone who means something to you, turn this song on really loud, and embrace each other.


One Response to “Alt-J, In Love Again”

  1. This song… I can’t even put it into words, but I’m glad you did. It blew me away the first time I heard it and the video did my head in :) I keep telling people and showing people the video and I’m yet to hear someone say: “Eh, it’s ok”. Cause it’s not. It’s freakin’ AWESOME! I quote Billy Connolly in his show Live From Dublin. He recalled hearing rock music the first time as a kid and went: “Jesus! Is that for me?!” My thoughts exactly, Alt J. Mind.Blown. Also, apparently I now like Indy music. I don’t care what it’s called, I just know it’s astoundingly good :)

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