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Brother Ali Drops “Writer’s Block”

Posted in Media, News, Video with tags , , , on Thursday, January 19, 2012 by sir minivan dad

Love it.  I love living in Minneapolis.  We have pretty nice weather most of the time and we have the sickest music scene around.  Hip-hop in Minneapolis is flourishing.  One of the top fixture hip-hop figures of Minneapolis is Brother Ali.  Obviously, if you haven’t heard any of his music give it a listen.  I am particularly fond of The Undisputed Truth, and anything he does with Sean Daley or Anthony Davis (Atmosphere).

Since The Undisputed Truth he has been on my Ipod and my music radar nonstop.  Lyrics so real and so down to earth one can get lost in his flow.  He is making it sound easy.  His topics range from love to government oppression.  He has extreme sick, but classic beats, local sounding by Minneapolis standards.  Brother Ali’s songs just get stuck in your head.  They are real, real and ever so poignant, yet they are uplifting and upbeat.  I love how his positive attitude towards life and simple yet complex message he evokes in the listener.  What more can a person say?

I have had the opportunity to witness a live show by Brother Ali, and actually meet him in person a few times.  He is nothing but a genuine, in person and in song.  I was running in Loring Park and I said what up and he gave me a fistbump.  I said I love his music and told him to keep it up.  He is a straight up cool guy, very humble, the kind of artist one can appreciate and relate to.

I saw he dropped “Writer’s Block” so I figured everyone should have the chance to check out this gem.  Also, the message hits home.  Take what you can from it.  I can’t wait for Brother Ali’s new album to drop, Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color.