Staring at the Walls

Those of us that have grown up in rooms entirely our own, or have eventually occupied a lone cell, often times will decorate the walls.  Some people seem to put up pictures, artwork, or tapestry merely to fill space, with little or no thought as to how this arrangement reflects personality.  Others entirely take over a room, cramming the walls with either dozens of half blurred pictures of friends, posters of favorite bands, cloth hangings with intricate design, or artwork of still and/or lively nature.  I ascribe myself to the latter school; There are pictures of valleys, waterfalls, cloud obscured sunsets, and random light swirls.  I feel at home in my room, comforted by the images surrounding me, and I feel proud when anyone enters and comments on the either peaceful nature of the space, or the specific images that help make up the togetherness.

It seems that many individuals, especially those that decorate based on their wish to be surrounded by those things they love, are sometimes reticent, or reluctant to allow strangers entry into their space.  Rooms often take on a personal feeling when one has inhabited the space for a long time, projecting a sense of peace, hurt, sorrow, love or even emptiness, depending on the personality of the occupant.  To walk into the room of such a person is an almost intimate act, one that should be appreciated and respected.  Currently my favorite thing to look at in my room is a painting I was loaned by a friend.

If the images on your walls are static and have become boring… consider spending a few minutes either re-arranging, or tearing them down to replace them with something more interesting to look at.  Make your space belong to you… and live with it.


One Response to “Staring at the Walls”

  1. I totally agree with you on this, dan. Things hanging on a wall can make or break the dwelling/room/hostel. Nice pic.

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