Video: Q-Tip “Move” (Live on Letterman)

tipWell as most of you heads in the Hip-Hop world know, Q-Tip (of A Tribe Called Quest) released his sophomore LP The Renaissance last Tuesday. I haven’t gotten a really good listen of this record yet, but I know that I am highly anticipating it. This is Tip’s first album in 9 years (Amplified was released in ’99 (which was produced entirely by Dilla) ), and there has been no sign of Tribe anywhere (except Rock the Bells last year). I must admit I heard a snippet of the song “Move” and I almost went nuts. I had to find out who produced that track because the sample was flipped just perfect and I couldn’t get enough. I then found out that Tip produced the entire album except for that one track. Does anyone wanna talk a wild guess who the producer of “Move” is? That’s right my man Dilla did the beat and to be honest I’m really not surprised because he was the best at what he did, and that’s making beats. This beat is no different with a great sample flip of the Jackson 5 that sounds like Dilla chopped the track like butcher meat.

I’ve heard a few tracks off of this record and I can honestly tell you that Tip has some serious skill on the MP, and that this record jives way more like a disco-hop than anything. I love the vibe I’ve heard and I’m going to get a review up really soon. In the meantime check this great performance of “Move” live on Letterman.


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