thanksgivingHello everybody out there in the interwebs, I hope you are enjoying/did enjoy Thanksgiving this year and that not too many fights broke out between family members. I’m in the dorms this year by myself feasting on pepperoni hot pockets and mountain dew, so I thought I’d drop by and say hello to all those faithful readers out there. Well…that’s all for now, there’s a nice mix below that you can fall asleep to (or dance to) after you stuff yourself full of Turkey. 

Electro Banger Ghetto Trash Mix – MixHell

2 Responses to “HAPPY EAT DAY”

  1. Dude, so awesome that you posted this!! do you know who Mixhell is?? the DJs are actually Iggor Cavalera and Laima Leyton. Iggor is the drummer for Cavalera Conspiracy – ONE OF THE METAL BANDS THAT I WORK FOR! Iggor left Sepultura a few years ago to focus on Mixhell (and eventually he started up cavalera conspiracy as a side project).. it’s great to see he’s getting some real respect from the dj community.

    and happy thanksgiving to you too!

  2. ericbandloveaffair Says:

    Yeah I was reading about them and saw they had something to do with a metal band but it wasn’t one that I recognized. that’s really awesome that the dude is from sepultura, haha. Glad to hear you enjoy it, post any good mixes if you have them, I’d love to hear some new stuff

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