I Was Never a Big Fan of Pac-Man Either

humbling kanye west

the greatest gift of all: humbling kanye west

Kanye West V. Stephen Colbert: A battle of epic proportions.

Anybody following The Colbert Report or Kanye West’s twitter lately (to anyone admitting to the latter: come on dude) knows what all of this non-sense is about. Let’s lay it all out there in a nice chronological order:

Round 1. Stephen Colbert initiates Operation Humble Kanye, which involves all of his fans buying his new christmas album on the same day so that it would jump 808 & Heartbreaks on the iTunes album chart.

Round 2. Kanye West responds by saying “who the fuck is Stephen Colbert” on his blog. (Very insightful Kanye)

Round 3. The Result: Watch the most satisfying news segment this year here

Round 4. Kanye plays it all off as if someone hacked his Twitter (sorry Knaye put I don’t think anyone knew it existed to begin with) so that he doesn’t look like an absolute fool. Coincidentally this makes him look like more of an idiot.

Round 5. Well there really isn’t a five yet, hopefully Mr. West goes on the Colbert Report to settle all of this though, being that he is the “voice of this generation of this decade”

As if releasing a new album and blogging constantly wasn’t enough work for Kanye, he’s apparently releasing a Christmas album now too. I can’t wait for this one to drop. Preview after the jump…


One Response to “I Was Never a Big Fan of Pac-Man Either”

  1. hahahaa.. i’ve been watching colbert, and he totally schoooooled kanye! operation humble kanye… too perfect!

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