Movie Review: Gran Torino (Hide the Kids)

Seriously, get off his lawn.

Seriously, get off his lawn.

Clint Eastwood is and may forever be the epitome of manliness. I mean, can you honestly think of a more complete badass? Eastwood has been incinerating skulls for over half a century, and he does a damn fine job of looking fly while doing it. As he’s aged, he’s not only gained more grit, but also more of a self awareness of what constitutes solid film making. Enter Gran Torino a film centered around a man who’ll remind you of that old guy who’s house you used to knock at 2 am on a weekend before you had a car or a girlfriend. In fact, that just so happens to be what this film is all about: Growing up and learning that there’s more to life than rollin’ with your homies and the nonsensical drug habits. Oh, they also touch on racism… Eastwood’s performance is legendary, and the films climax will have you questioning the legitimacy of some of this year’s academy award nominees. Check it.

(3 1/2 of 4)


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  1. good to have you on board Ed!

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