Album Review: Team B – “Team B”

teambcoverWhether it’s to fulfill their ego and take over the world, or maybe that they actually do have that much musical creativity. Who knows why musicians jump from group to group trying to juggle three projects at once while disappointing fans who have been waiting for that new album release from one of the three bands. Anyway, it has happened again, this time with some of the lesser known parts of indie rock’s most popular.

Team B is the result of seven different artists, headed by Kelly Pratt of the Arcade Fire, and the contributions of a hand full of other musicians as well. Essentially Beirut without Zach Condon, try and imagine other people from those albums having talent too, Team B is a fun-loving, not-too-serious, music endeavor that should be the model for other groups that take collective parts like this. Their debut album, self-titled, is an eclectic mix of different stylings ranging from the normal pop and lebanese influences of Beirut to the heavier and more guitar driven tracks. 

Featuring contributions by Pat Mahoney (DFA, LCD Soundsystem) on drums, again helping lend a hand to the many different types of genres explored on this album. The biggest contribution might be by the cult favorite Richard Reed Parry of the Arcade Fire on a couple of tracks. From Mahoney’s funky and echoing drums, to Parry’s multi-instrumental background and skill set, Team B offers a little something to all its listeners out there. 

The first single off the album, “On My Mind,” is an immaculate piece of song-writing and pop perfection. Whether it’s the finger-snapping, soft vocals, or sudden guitar solo near the end, “On My Mind” sticks out not only as the highlight of this album, but as the highlight of releases so far in 2009.

Written while on tour with Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem, Kelly Pratt and his band of other odds and ends craft one of the finer albums I’ve ran across lately. With the perfect blend of pop and rock, song-writing and vocals, Team B are the model for collabortion bands like this. Look for a follow up effort in 5 years… maybe that’s being optimistic though. 

8 1/2 rusty trombones out of 10

mp3: Team B – “On My Mind”

Dig Deeper: Myspace, Paste article


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