Michael Phelps also holds a gold medal for… Bong Olympics?

bong-olympicsPictures are all over the net of Olympic Champion Michael Phelps taking a nice bong rip when he wasn’t training (he didn’t get tested). I think it’s pretty much hilarious. It just proves that you can be an olympian and still smoke grass. Why is everyone so harsh on this guy? He trains pretty much year round, and when he wants to relax and smoke all anyone does is criticize. He had to apologize to the IOC, and luckily they accepted his apology and took it as sincere.

Michael, you don’t have to appologize to me. The whole world now knows that you not only hold gold medals in swimming, but in the world of Bong Olympics as well. So wait until you go to your next college campus party, who knows, Michael Phelps might be in the back loading one up for you and your friends. This just proves more than ever that even an olympic athlete can be pretty down to earth. I honestly don’t think this would affect his training either because he works out so much.


2 Responses to “Michael Phelps also holds a gold medal for… Bong Olympics?”

  1. timmy, this coincides realllllly nicely with ANOTHER bong story that i’m throwing up here later today after class ;)

  2. legalize it don’t criticize it

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