Video: Joseph Duplaniter of Gojira interviewed by HBB Norway

Gojira interview with Headbanger's Ball

If my memory serves me correctly, Gojira is definitely the most versatile and praiseworthy death metal band to make a name for themselves in the last decade. Ever since the release of The Link, their star has noticeably been steadily rising, and with the release of last fall’s The Way of All Flesh the band has secured the most captive audience of their career. In this interview with MTV Norway’s Headbangers Ball, Joseph Duplantier gives us the details about the message he wanted to portray on the last album, why Gojira albums aren’t necessarily concept albums, and their new found (and well-deserved) fame. (ed note: Joe D. is obviously very satisfied with how The Way of All Flesh came out and how it was received. I had the opportunity to interview him at Cavalera Conspiracy’s debut gig in AZ last year, and Joe’s noticeably more eager and excited in this interview than he was then – and that is saying A LOT considering he was about to go on stage with the Cavalera brothers in their first gig in 10 years!)


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