Company Flow talks about the re-release of Funcrusher Plus

149142coflowMy heart jumped with great content today. I was browsing over at Pitchfork and apparently El-P, Big Jus & Mr. Len did an interview with the people at Pitchfork about the Funcrusher Plus 12th anniversary re-release. Apparently El-P is going to be releasing the album on his own label Def Jux. Might I also mention that El-P’s answers in this interview are downright hilarious, he’s chalked full of humor and it makes for a great read: Pitchfork: “Why reissue Funcrusher Plus now, 12 years after its original release?”, El-P: “I think I got my first hand job at 12.”

I personally can’t wait for this no brainer classic to be re-issued. Funcrusher Plus to me was so far ahead of its time. According to an article this re-release will feature some pre-1995 tracks that Company Flow did before Funcrusher as wel as tracks that were after the Funcrusher release. This album has been out of print for awhile now, so you know hardcore heads are going to be grabbing this album right when it comes out (hint: me). This last year also marked the reunion of Company Flow at a live concert. I wonder if we will get to hear any new creative genius anytime soon? (Lets all hope to god that we will)

Just a few things that have been said about Funcrusher Plus:

“One of the most influential rap groups of the late ’90s, Company Flow laid the groundwork for nearly all the experimental hip-hop that followed, and its advancement of hip-hop as an art form is still being felt.” ALL MUSIC

“Widely recognized as one of the genre’s greatest achievements.” PITCHFORK

“Company Flow became heroes to alternative rap fans when they released their Funcrusher album”. ROLLING STONE

You can read the interview with Pitchfork here. Make sure you go out and grab the re-issue of Funcrusher Plus when it comes out because it’s going to be a great addition to your collection, as well as a great album. But, don’t leave now; click read more and make the jump to watch Company Flow’s classic video for “8 Steps to Perfection” from the original release of Funcrusher Plus

Company Flow, “8 Steps to Perfection”


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