Metal & Hardcore video roundup; Mastodon, DEP, Lamb of God and more

It’s been a busy week between my first week of tests and a crazy amount of good live shows coming to the city, but I dug back a couple of days and found all the newest metal and hardcore video you should hear about. Turn up and tune in!

Dillinger Escape Plan, live from NJ basement

Dillinger Escape Plan play “briefly announced”/secret New Jersey basement show in area smaller than their tour bus. Rolling Stone actually covered it and posted great review of the ceiling breaking, 40 drinking, bone breaking, super intimate show from this band that built its fame off the intensity of these very same DIY type of shows in the late 90s. Watch this video as they barrel through “The Mullet Burden”, “Panasonic Youth”, and “43% Burnt” before the power goes out. They have a DVD coming out soon entitled We’re Not Trying to Impress You that will feature live footage from all of their phases as a band..

Mastodon, in studio recording Crack the Skye

Mastodon is soon to release their new album Crack the Skye, and its that time where they start treating us to treats such as games and previews and such to whet our appetite. In keeping with this tradition, they have released their very first in studio video, and from the sounds of Brett Hinds (who is definitely not normally this sober) they band is more focused than ever. If this really is “their” Led Zeppelin IV, we’re all about to have our minds blown..

Lamb of God, “Set to Fail” music video

We reviewed Lamb of God’s forthcoming album last week and were pretty impressed; this week they released their first music video from Wrath, and it happens to be from one of their best, most catchy songs off of the album, “Set to Fail”


Psyopus premiered “The Burning Halo” music video from their new album Odd Senses, in stores today!

MetalKult did a fantastic interview with Scott “Wino” Weinrich.


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