3 New Rjd2 Tracks For Your Dead Ringer Loving Soul

ramble-john-krohn I can tell you that nothing in the enitre world made me happier than reading this news article last night. Ramble John Krohn (Rjd2 for short) is almost done with his fourth studio album, and he has three tracks that have been leaked. RJ released Third Hand a couple years back and a lot of fans were wondering why RJ took a sudden direction turn away from Hip-Hop. Even though RJ strayed away from Hip-Hop I can say that I never lost faith in this man. I will never forget Dead Ringer and hearing the track “Ghostwriter” for the first time in my best friend’s car (thanks Abe). Dead Ringer changed the way that I felt about production in Hip-Hop music, and for that I will always show RJ love. There is a good chance that he will forever be in my top 5 for production skills.

I remember that Pitchfork wrote an article about RJ “ditching” Hip-Hop, and I personally couldn’t believe it. How could a man with so much talent in one area (MHz, Soul Position) depart from the one genre that gave him his name? I later heard an Rjd2 produced Little Brother track called “Best Kept Secret” and my heart was filled with joy. It was then I knew that Pitchfork had been totally wrong and I could continue on with my life.

Flash forward to yesterday. I hear that Rjd2 has three new tracks out and I have no idea what to think. Is he going to go back to his roots? Is he going to stay indie rock? Let me tell you that this was one of the best surprises I have had yet this year (granted we are only two months in). These tracks sound like some absolute gems from the Dead Ringer days with RJ back at the top of his game. If you personally were a fan of Dead Ringer or Since We Last Spoke, you couldn’t be happier with these tracks. Make sure you give these tracks a good listen because there is plenty more great material to come. Be sure that you also know I am waiting for this record like Christmas, and you should be to if you are an Rjd2 fan.


Song For You

Time Has The Final Word

Morning Break

Just because I am so content I’m throwing in a video to (watch Rjd2 get down):


4 Responses to “3 New Rjd2 Tracks For Your Dead Ringer Loving Soul”

  1. last minute and a half of morning break is genius. awesome find timmy

  2. I would absolutely love to see RJ spin a hip-hop/ electronic set from behind the decks…. his sense of funk music makes him one of my favorite DJs for sure….

  3. lol check your souces man, not rj’s tracks!!!

  4. Yo, I’m a big fan of the RJD2 and when I heard these tracks I thought they were FIRE! But later to hear that they wernt him I was deeply upset. I did some research yall so no one gets the wrong, cause I was DOOPED! I found a RJD2 thread that said there was some confusion with youtube and alwayshustle.com, and that the videos on youtube were titled RJD2, but wasnt him, it was supposed to be an artist called Elephant Armada. He also got mixed up with some Dj Shadow and Nujabees video. The guy reportedly apologized on the site, but now it seems that Elephant Armada is trying to sue this guy because his album isnt out yet, and is wondering why his shits on youtube? So it’s an Elephant Armada leak everyone not a RJD2 leak. I’m gonna go around and post this thread for others to read so they dont get it twisted.
    But this Elephant Armada Character is DOPE! Im pretty sure he should be comming up. I wonder why I havent heard of him.

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