Cancer Bats on the “Deathsmarch”, new music video

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always envied the the prolific and seemingly “tight-knit” Toronto/Buffalo hardcore-punk scene; its no secret that there has been a long line of stellar bands to from this region, and this post is about the latest. The brand new “Deathsmarch” music video is pretty much quintessential Cancer Bats, a Toronto band of gritty punk rockers that is quickly gaining notoriety. “Deathsmarch” may be a bit more mid-paced than usual from these guys, but at its core it’s still the enthralling, disgusting, southern infected hardcore that they are known for. While perhaps a bit cheesy at times (though I think that probably has more to do with the overly enthusiastic fans than anything else), the video is a pretty awesome clip. It’s a really well-shot piece that could easily be mistaken for one of their lives shows if it the edit weren’t so clean.

When they are at their best, there is no one better at what they do. The over-the-top riffage and impassioned, engaging vocals that make their live shows so fun are also exactly what make “Deathsmarch” a great aural piece for this type of clip. Enjoy!

(featuring a guest appearance from Wade of Alexisonfire)


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