The Year 2009th Wonder

Vodpod videos no longer available.
This is another guy that needs absolutely no introduction. 9th Wonder has been making some of the most infectious beats in R&B and Hip-Hop for the last 5-6 years. In this video he talks about his two record labels (The Academy & JamLa), and how he came up with the name for the labels. He talks about what it used to be like when everything he loved was considered “backpack”.  9th ends up making a pretty damn good point about the underground vs. overground (he’s got Grammys and platinum plaques on his walls). 9th Wonder’s feeling about the Hip-Hop game in the aspect of producers and emcees is like one big fraternity, it’s pretty crazy but that’s an accurate metaphor (I love the Masta Ace name drop). This is a good interview on a guy who is always making foot prints in the industry (that a lot of people don’t realize). Make sure you stay tuned to Mind Inversion for more news on the year “2009th Wonder”.


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