The Sunday Show, Episode 1 “Diggnation Tribute”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

My cousin Dan hit me up on Facebook yesterday about a new podcast that him and his friends are doing called The Sunday Show. I was immediately interested because they are actually doing video podcasts. You may ask “Tim, what are these video podcasts going to be about every week?”, and my response would be, “Their tag line at The Sunday Show is: Your favorite new podcast about nothing in particular”. That’s right, there will be a different theme with every podcast that these guys put out. Judging by the first one, these guys could have one hell of a project on their hands. I was laughing my ass off while I was watching this.

The first episode of The Sunday Show is called “Diggnation Tribute”. These guys are all avid Diggers, and they are pulling out all of the stops and discussing some of their recent favorites from the site. There are a few of these that almost had me crying I was laughing so hard. I highly recommend that you guys watch this because it’s some great insight and entertainment from the Midwest. ALSO, if you have a Facebook and are interested in joining their fan page you can do that here. Make sure you stay tuned to Mind Inversion for all of the updates on future episodes of The Sunday Show.

If you have any good ideas or insights for these guys shoot them an e-mail at:


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  1. […] Nic & Chad (and of course Union Dan) recapping interesting stories and events (much like the 1st episode, hence the name). For all of you iTunes users, you can now also download each episode of The Sunday […]

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