Rhymesayers rocks South by Southwest

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Rhymesayers has been all over the map the last two years, and putting on a showcase at South by Southwest seems like the perfect thing to do. I’ve been loving the material that all of these artists (besides Abstract Rude, he’s got a new one coming) have dropped in the last year. I love hearing Brother Ali talk about the live show that an artist can bring to the stage. To me he is pretty much the epitome of a sick ass live show. It sounds like Jake One & Freeway are going to be putting out some jaw dropping material this summer with The Stimulus Package. The chemistry that those two displayed on Jake One’s White Van Music was ridiculous, and I can’t imagine what an entire album is going to sound like. Make sure you check the video because Rhymesayers Entertainment is going to be doing some huge things this year.

Spotted at HipHop DX


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