The Soul Brother #1 Talks Influences

peterock21 Pete Rock is the guy you look to constantly for the most consistent and great Hip-Hop you will hear. There’s no denying that Pete Rock is one of the greatest producers of all time. There is a whole lot of emcees and producers that will make the same statement. I haven’t heard much about Pete since his album NY’s Finest dropped last year, so it’s a breath of fresh air to see this video over at Crate Kings.

In this video Pete Rock talks about his major influences as far as the game was concerned when he was coming up back in the day, as well as who he looks to now as being the best in the game. Pete gives a huge shout out to J Dilla saying that if Dilla was still around he would still be the greatest to have made the beats (I feel the same way). It’s great to hear what the thoughts are from the mind of a genius, make sure you check out the video to learn some lessons from one of the greatest in Hip-Hop.


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