The Sunday Show Episode 3, “The Beer Tasting”

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That’s right folks, it’s that time of the week again for your favorite podcast about nothing in particular The Sunday Show. This week’s episode is brought to you from the Blatz Market and Liquor in downtown Milwaukee. The beginning of this episode has the owner talking about the historic Blatz brewing company and what it has evolved into now. Throughout the episode you will see these guys tasting various beers (which I enjoy very much, I’m a beer snob) and telling you how they feel about them. I am absolutely loving these guys’ episodes because it seems like they are constantly getting better and better (thanks for the Mind Inversion shout out last week). If you consider yourself to be a fan of beer, this one is truly for you.

Make sure you stay tuned to The Sunday Show. You are going to be seeing a lot of collaboration going on between Mind Inversion and The Sunday Show in the future, something for all of you to look forward to.


2 Responses to “The Sunday Show Episode 3, “The Beer Tasting””

  1. […] about wine tasting. This episode was shot at Blatz Market & Liquor (which you may recall from episode 3) and these guys delve into a few different wine selections (2 whites, 2 reds). If you are a fan of […]

  2. […] tasting. The guys decided to do this because according to the polls that everyone participated in, episode 3 was the clear favorite of the season. If any of you readers out there consider yourselves beer […]

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