Review: Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Suite For Ma Dukes EP

suite-ma-dukes-2-22-large-msg-123423305969I have to admit that I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get a review up of this project. I remember hearing about this project a while back during the whole Ma Dukes controversy with the Dilla Estate. I felt so upset that I couldn’t go to LA and see the concert performed, but I knew that the EP that was going to come out would be just as good. The display that Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson put on is amazing and truly beautiful. I can’t believe how well this whole project came out.

The EP is only 4 tracks long, but they accomplish in four tracks what most can’t do in an entire album. Hearing Dilla’s compositions with an orchestral twist is something that can truly not be explained by words. The tracks that we picked out for this showcase are so good that they seem as though they should be original orchestra pieces. “Fall In Love” is one of my favorite songs that Dilla produced (I would say easily top 10) and the interpretation is perfect. It starts off with some beautiful harp playing, and transitions smoothly into the rolling piano in the background with some violin. The most beautiful part of it all though, is the flute that plays in the orchestra. With every note the flute hits, you can almost feel shivers run down your spine. The trend continues through the other three tracks that are on this EP (“Antiquity”, “Nag Champa” & “Find A Way”). I’m pretty sure that Dilla is showing that signature Jay Dee smile when he looks down from up above and hears these tracks.

If you are a J Dilla fan or a fan of beautiful music in general, this one is truly for you. I’m really not a big fan of orchestral music (although I feel as though I should be) but this EP really turned me onto it. Like I said previously, there really aren’t many words that will do this album much justice. It’s something that you literally have to hear for yourself. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to see a 30 piece orchestra perform this set, if I would have seen it I probably would have cried.



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