Wild Style Wedensday Review: Immortal Technique, Revolutionary Vol. 2

revolutionary_vol_2 After listening to this album, you will realize that Immortal Technique is one intelligent ass dude. He is one of the most passionate, intelligent and furious emcees I’ve heard. He attacks the microphone like a serial killer, and every track on this album is a testament to this. This album absolutely dominated my CD player for almost two years when I bought it. Immortal Technique truly is a revolutionary. Most of the rhymes that Technique spits, are way deeper in meaning than you could even fathom. The metaphors and similes that he spits are pretty close to unparalleled.

The album basically starts off with “Point of No Return“, and this track really paints the picture for what the rest of the album is going to be like. Over the eerie beat Tech spits, “This is the point of no return nigga you better believe this/Mary Magdalene giving birth to the children of Jesus”. The track “Peruvian Cocaine” will truly make you question the legitimacy of the war on drugs with an incredible narrative from Immortal Technique, Tonedeff, Poison Pen, C-Rayz Walz and others about the cocaine trade. “Harlem Streets” is a dark and dismal picture of the city that Technique was raised and lives in.

The highlight of the album (and maybe his career) is a track entitled “Industrial Revolution“. The lyrical display on this track is nothing short of amazing, “The “Bling Bling Era” was cute but it’s about to be done/I leave you full of clips (full eclipse) like the moon blockin’ the sun/My metaphors a dirty like herpes but harder to catch, like an escape tunnel in prison that I started from scratch”. He tells everyone why he’s not recognized very much, “…nobody’s better than me they just got better marketing schemes.”

This album is a great example of vivid emceeing at it’s very finest. The raw lyricism displayed on this album is what every emcee should aspire for. There is definitely a reason why this album was on constant repeat for years, because it’s a great fucking album.



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