Dilla Bot Vs. The Hybrid

Jay Stay PAid I still can’t get over the artwork for the new Dilla album (which is featured to the left) because it’s incredible. This is the first track I have had the pleasure of hearing, and it features up and coming Detroit emcee Danny Brown. It was actually up a few days ago over at 2DopeBoyz, but I didn’t have a chance to get it up at the time.

This is a nice Dilla beat that I haven’t heard before (which is always nice), and Danny Brown spits some ridiculous verses over this great instrumental. I want you guys to realize that Danny Brown is an emcee that has some amazing talent. It makes me really happy to hear another great artist coming out of Detroit because it’s a city that just keeps pumping out great sound. I am going to make a conscious effort to get everything that this guy puts out.

Make sure you check out this track because it is incredible. You better also make sure you go out and cop Jay $tay Paid out on Nature Sounds June 2nd.

Download: Dilla Bot Vs. The Hybrid (Featuring Danny Brown)


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