Fashawn Takes You To “The Outer City”

20090527-fashawnThis is another track that is making me very antsy. This track, “The Outer City”, is Fashawn‘s latest leak off of his Exile produced album Boy Meets World (god I loved that show). I have a feeling that this album is going to be nothing short of amazing because Fash is really tearing things up, and Exile’s production is awesome. This track follows a great narrative by Fashawn as he describes the struggles of living in the outer city and working 10 hour days. This is a great dedication to the average blue collar worker and shouldn’t be missed. Watch out for Fashawn, he’s going to be doing some major things. Make sure you check out Boy Meets World when it comes out in August.

Download: Fashawn, “Outer City” (Prod. by Exile)

* You can also click the picture for the download link of Fashawn’s new single “Freedom” on iTunes.


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