Album Review: Pacewon & Mr. Green, The Only Color That Matters Is Green

only greenAs I mentioned in the Cymarshall Law & Mr. Joeker review, I always seem to be sleeping on shit from the previous year and more often than not it catches up with me. Enter Pacewon & Mr. Green‘s The Only Color That Matters is Green. I remember hearing about this album more than once last year, and every time it was a positive note. This album is the definition of easy listening, because it takes little to no effort to enjoy. Mr. Green’s production is more than exemplary and Pacewon compliments just about every single beat on this album perfectly. Pacewon is a great emcee without spitting overly technical punchlines and metaphors, although he does have some catchy ass lines. These two compliment each other perfectly (Guru & Premier-esque?), and I hope to hear a lot more material from them.

The album starts out with the track “Four Quarters” which is an amazing opening track for an album, and may be the crown jewel of the album (in my opinion of course). Mr. Green’s beat on “Four Quarters” is nothing short of amazing with a nice snare-kick beat and beautifully epic strings painting the background. Pacewon shows his skills on the mic, “Generic canned goods, free cheese and food stamps/people runnin’ the street like they at boot camp”. I absolutely love the sample on “Children Sing” which has Mr. Green chopping and re-arranging a children’s choir as the backdrop for this uplifting and highly melodic beat. Mr. Green spits some pretty hard shit, “…spinned out like a Nascar race puttin’ my thing down/proud like Return of the King, Lord of the Rings now”, and, “Before I pull up and park and bust in your apartment/I’ma just perm my hair like Al Sharpton”. The dreary keys of “The Eye of the Needle” will send chills through your spine, and Pacewon’s precise pictorial narration will amaze even the biggest doubter of his skills. Cymarshall Law, Kosha Dillz & Mary Lou lend their vocals to the track “Childhood” which is actually the only track on the album with guest appearances. For “Childhood” Mr. Green drafts a highly sentimental beat and the emcees at hand reflect heavily on the days when they were young.

Overall this album is pretty much perfect. There is only one or two tracks that I don’t care for too highly, but even so I am still able to listen to this album front to back every time. This album is some of the freshest shit I’ve heard in some time, it’s just too bad I had to find out about it a year after it came out. Mr. Green is one of the best producers I’ve heard in a while, and every beat of his is quality. I’m pretty sure that every Hip-Hop fan needs to hear this album at least once, because it’s the epitome of a classic. I really hope that these two have a future together as a duo because it would be a damn shame if they dropped an album this good and fell off the face of the earth.

9.5 Beautiful Beats and Rhymes out of 10


4 Responses to “Album Review: Pacewon & Mr. Green, The Only Color That Matters Is Green

  1. Thanks 4 the love…


  2. Man, you guys dropped a classic. Nuff said.

  3. Incredible album, I love it. Classic emcee/producer coupling.
    I bought it after a Pacewon album appeared in a dream O.o, though I only knew his name and no music.

  4. […] you ever find that there’s music that you criminally slept on (see: The Only Color That Matters is Green) ? More often than not, I end up finding out about a project that I managed to neglect for some […]

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