House Shoes Comments on Sonic’s (Charles Hamilton) Big Fuck Up

If there are any of you out there have twitter and follow the real Detroit Hip-Hop Heads, you will know that there was a huge buzz surrounding hipster emcee Charles Hamilton. At one point it appeared as though he was going to give James Yancey (J Dilla) the executive producer credit on his new album The Perfect Life.

What occurred next was a wicked whirlwind of fury from the Detroit scene, outraged that Charles would do something so fucking stupid. Detroit ambassador House Shoes, as well as everyone from the Detroit scene attacked Chuckie’s dumb ass right away. Sonic then tried to claim that he was going to give the money to the “J Dilla Music Foundation” which, doesn’t exist. Chuckie also tried to say that he was close to the Yancey Family, and when House Shoes called Ma Dukes she said she had never heard of Charles Hamilton. As of right now Hamilton has pulled James’ name off of the album (which was a smart move) and will probably be visiting the city of Detroit.

Here is the video of House Shoes talking to Hip Hop Official

To be honest this kid seems like a wack dude, and I don’t think there is any chance that he would be spitting over Dilla’s treats even if Dilla knew him. After this whole debacle I would be surprised if Chuckie can make a good name for himself in the game, they say any publicity is good publicity I have a feeling that saying doesn’t stick here.

To leave you for tonight, here’s another funny video for you guys to watch:


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