Saturday Single: The Toxic Avenger – “Bad Girls Need Love Too”

Hey faithful blogites, I’m back after my week off to bring you some of the best techno/electro/house singles being spun. And I’m enthused to say that I’ll be bring you all there is to know about the new Toxic Avenger single, “Bad Girls Need Love Too”. So put your mask on, put your ear to the speakers, and prepare for a banging new track. Enjoy!

Single: Bad Girls Need Love Too Label: IHeartComix Get: iTunes/Vinyl


“Bad Girls Need Love Too”, the first single since the insanely popular “Superheroes” EP back in 2007, doesn’t miss a step in creating skull crushing electro trash. No, not trash as in bad, trash as in dirty gritty nasty techno, the stuff Mixhell, Toxic Avenger, and the like have perfected, and the kind of stuff Justice is famous for. “Bad Girls Need Love Too” might be a bit harder to grove to than some of the more disco friendly stuff I’ve been posting, but Toxic’s new track is by no means not a party track. This song needs to be heard, loud and proud, the way this music has to be listened to.

Toxic has come a long way since 2007’s Superheroes release. Where we last left off, our hero’s shimmering, distortioned riffs called for a new generation of dance staples. The colorful and hopeful single became the theme to Toxic’s rise to power, and helped shape the standards to which we have come to know in the electro community. -Myspace

I can only describe this track, and any of the Toxic Avenger library and remixes as a sort of halloween sub-genre of techno. The music constantly teeters on the brink of eerie and creepy, while constantly testing the power of the amp in your basement. It’s an absolutely banging track, and if you’ve read this far you know exactly the kind of music I’m talking about. The remixes are well worth a spin too, as the Les Petits Pilous and Daze of Thunder edits both mark some impressive yet subtle touches. My favorite of the two is the Daze of Thunder remix, which keeps the lyrics in their pause and adds a MSTRKRFT-like cowbell to the second verse. It’s all completely overwhelming as a genre, but it’s so so good too. Listen for longer than 10 minutes and you’ll contract the world’s worst headache, but oh well, keep on dancing and keep on loving. I’ll be back with lots more soon, so as my good friend says: stay fresh.

MP3: The Toxic Avenger – “Bad Girls Need Love Too” (Daze of Thunder Remix)


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