Jay Electronica Brings You the “Dear Moleskine” Trailer

This video is by far the definition of epic (thank you 2DopeBoyz). Jay Electronica released the trailer to his newest track which is produced by Just Blaze. The first minute and thirty seconds is strictly beautiful instrumentals by Just Blaze, and then Jay goes in real hard with some nice rhymes. I have been waiting on a full length from Jay since the minute I heard him, I am still on the edge of my seat every time I hear a new track. I can assure you that when the full length comes out it will be up at Mind Inversion.


2 Responses to “Jay Electronica Brings You the “Dear Moleskine” Trailer”

  1. this is the same sample as De La’s “Stakes Is High”

  2. […] you that First Ave. was rockin’ like crazy that night. On the video you get to see him perform “Dear Moleskine” as well as “Exhibit A (Transformation)”. This guy is quickly becoming one of my […]

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