Brother Ali, “Us” (Download)


Brother Ali and the fine people at Rhymesayers Entertainment have leaked the track “Us” for free download. If you didn’t catch it, I posted the preview video of this track the other day. Above this post is the artwork for Ali’s new album Us. If you haven’t yet, make sure you pre-order the album here. Sounds like this album is shaping up to be yet another fine piece of work from Ali.

Download: Brother Ali, “Us” (from the forthcoming Us album)

Spotted @ Brother Ali’s Twitter


3 Responses to “Brother Ali, “Us” (Download)”

  1. Brother Ali is an ill all around artist. I cant wait for the album

  2. I’m proud to have this dude from my hometown. You won’t meet a more talented, humble family man than this dude. Support his art.

  3. Nice blog!
    Brother Ali is so talented and as Exhaust says, very humble too. This download proves how much talent he’s got. I am opening for him on February 24, 25 and 27 in Germany.
    If you like Brother Ali, check out my website and listen to my beats!
    I would be glad to hear your views on this!

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