Fashawn & Exile are Hip Hop Official’s Artist of the Week

The duo behind Fashawn’s upcoming debut Boy Meets World is the Hip Hop Official artist of the week. I can’t wait for this LP to come out, it’s been driving me crazy waiting for it. Watch this video to hear Fashawn talk about the chemistry that these two have, and perform a couple cuts.

Spotted @ Hip Hop Official


2 Responses to “Fashawn & Exile are Hip Hop Official’s Artist of the Week”

  1. You gotta spread the real hip-hop love around, so good post. Many get lost with all this thuggish, fluffer stuff out now and they real mcees barely get noticed. Check Rasheed Chappell out below since you like Fashawn, we gotta let the good ones be heard!!!

  2. […] is a video of Fashawn & Exile performing in the Hip Hop Official studios when they were the artist of the week. The track is called “The Score”, and of course you can expect it to be on Fash’s […]

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