Video: Skyzoo, “Could’ve Struck the Lotto”

I was on Twitter yesterday when I noticed that Skyzoo was getting a lot of tweets about a new video; it turns out that everyone was buzzing about the visuals for the track “Could’ve Struck the Lotto” from his most recent outing The Great Debater. In my opinion, Skyzoo is one of the top three emcees in the game right now. The way he writes his material is incredible; I love having to go back and peruse through his albums so I can delve further and solidify my understanding of what’s being said. Do yourself a favor and check out this top tier lyricist.

Hip-Hop Quotable: “All that we In Search Of… is to Fly or Die/so to have you Seeing Sounds that’s inside the Sky/is Nothing I suppose/so if I was alone/them sounds that you seein’ is all that I really know”


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