Music Discovery: Moses Melkonian, “Like Gods (Live)”

With being new to this whole blog atmosphere I was wondering who this person was that was liking some of my posts. When I looked into it I discovered an independent artist who is looking for his break in the music industry. My adventure over to mosesjunkyard was followed by the viewing of a very real person with a real passion for his music. Moses Melkonian’s video for “Like Gods (Live)”  captures this passion that he has. It is a raw version of the track but it gives it a somber sound that reminds me of the likes of; the “Ladder Song” by Bright Eyes and “Mad World” by Gary Jules. I know this discovery of Moses Melkonian will be a positive one in my life, and for this I thank him.


3 Responses to “Music Discovery: Moses Melkonian, “Like Gods (Live)””

  1. Thanks for supporting bro! We’ll keep in touch I wil email you updates x

  2. Sounds good, your music makes it easy to support so keep putting out good music and I will keep supporting. That isn’t too much to ask, is it?

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