Artist Interview: Prof.

Ah…  Yes, so for some time now I have been digging on Prof. (musically and creatively); he’s a South-Side Minneapolis native (Powderhorn represent!), who makes music that is of quality production-wise, catchy lyrically, and it has an easy way of relating to, even with some delusions of grandeur and vulgar hyperboles.  Prof.’s imagination is over the top, and hard to overlook, but his sense of humor is something to be admired in an age of all seriousness.  His music is an escape from a world of frowns and disapproval.

A couple of summers ago I received a cd of St. Paul Slim and Prof (Recession Music) and I thought it was interesting; the Midwest sound was creating a unique style again, the catchy music was abrasive and unapologetic.  Minneapolis hip-hop, how I love thee.  I love raw, gritty, sick-flow, with copious amounts of profanity laced in it, a relative humbleness (at times, sometimes, not so much the case with Prof.) and relation to how we deal with where we are from, Midwest-empathy.

When I was faced with the opportunity to write on, and do a little writing, the first idea I came up with was to actually sit down and do an interview with Prof., or rather cover his show at the Warehouse.  I felt getting the news out there would most likely sell out the Warehouse and create a generally awesome and chaotic show for those going, and capture it on camera and in word.  Also, I listen to Prof., and I didn’t know that much about him personally, so I felt it would be great to shoot some questions and get some answers on a venue such as Mindinversion.  I wanted to know his process, how he honed his talent, and how he created his expressive music.  My idea, and the process, and the return of answers actually came about.  However, I will not be going to the show.  For those of you lucky enough have a blast for me.

Needless to say I was hyped about the interview, nervous and eventually, after a riot and a burglary (I was involved with both), I was able to take the time and write up some questions I had been wanting to ask a musician I admired.  This was my first attempt, and I felt it went pretty smooth, aside from generally not knowing what to do, and or, not knowing anyone who knew anyone.  Eventually, we here at Mindinversion put it together and this is what we got.  To the chagrin of the haters out there that thought it would never happen, we got an artist to do an interview with us and it all comes together right here.

Sunday morning, with a hangover, I came up with these questions and I got these responses from Prof.  The questions and answers are not edited as to hold to the authenticity of the context and the relative underground style of writing I shoot for.  #Realtalk:

TS:  What is your real name, what are you all about?  What is the one thing that you would like fans/potential fans to take away from you (Prof.) and your music?

Prof.:  My real name is Prof. My government name Is Carlos Eduardo Paco Rodrigis Martinez. I don’t want fans taking SHIT from me. I wouldn’t take shit from them…

TS:  Where are you originally from and when did you move to Minneapolis?  What inspires you most about your hometown, and What inspires you most about minneapolis?

Prof.:  What makes you think I “moved” to mpls?

TS:  When you aren’t writing or touring (putting in work) what are you most likely to be doing?  What is your favorite drinking-hole, spot to hang out?

Prof.:  Lately Ive been doing a lot of back rehab. I got myself a herniated disk last may, and Ive been trying to get right since. Im just now starting to feel like myself again. Other than that, I like playing basketball and dancing with 13 year olds.

TS:  Out of all the people you’ve collaborated with who is the most inspirational to you as a musician?

Prof.:  Hmmm… thats an interesting question. I don’t think i know that. I like them all for different reasons. Thats why I made a song with them.

TS:  as a kid what did you listen to, who inspired you to write?  What are you listening to right now?

Prof.:  As a very young kid, I listened to what my mom listened to. Cat Stevens, Van Morrison. Both geniuses. Although I like Van more. He’s one of my favorite artists. As far as rap, Goodie Mob, Ceelo, Pac, Biggie, Dr Dre, eminem, old cash money shit, etc.

TS:  Recession Music was an amazing album, what was your favorite album to create?

Prof.:  King Gampo

TS:  What was can fans expect from you in the future, and what are you working on now?

Prof.:  Kaiser Von Powderhorn THREEEEEEE. Powderhorn. Im from Powderhorn. Southside.

TS:  Where do you see yourself in a year, where do you see Stophouse in a year?

Prof.:  A year from now, I see me in Pheonix Arizona, probably sound checking. Half of Stophouse will on the road with me, the other half will be in the offices in mpls.

TS:  What is the craziest thing you have seen on tour?

Prof.:  The craziest things that happen on tour, we definitely don’t talk about. ha.

TS:   After Recession Music (what I consider a solid album) was released how did your life change?  Did you get the recognition you were hoping for?

Prof.:  My life didn’t change to much. I might have gotten a little more popular in the midwest or something. I was already pretty popular in mpls. I guess the thing that changed the most was Recession Music was the 1st full album we made together as Stophouse, so it was good to get that whole dynamic cooking.

TS:  You seem pretty crazy in your videos and in your music, would you say that is an accurate representation of you(Prof) as a person?

Prof.:  You cant party all the time, but when I do, thats what im like. To a teee. Some of the time i sleep though.

TS:  You play a lot of shows in the Twin Cities, where is your favorite place to play a show?

Prof.:  1st Ave. Although Fine Line has really showed me a lot of love coming up. Love that place, but theres just no comparison to the history and mystique of 1st ave.

TS:   You are an underground rapper, yet you have a solid fan base, what is the best part about being underground aesthetically as an artist?

Prof.:  Saying whatever the fuck I want. Making MY music. Not having people tell me whats best for me.

TS.:  What should people watch out for in stores cd wise?  When and where can fans get a new album, or get some downloads?

Prof.:  Don’t look for shit in the stores. Get everything at

TS:  In your songs you claim to drink a lot; I am hungover right now from last night, what is your best hangover remedy?

Prof.:  Don’t drink. But if thats not an option, fuck. Fuck a lot in the morning. You will feel better while your fucking.

End of Interview.


That morning I took Prof.’s advice and it worked, miraculously.  Thanks, Rosa.

Big thanks to Prof. for showing love and hooking us kids over here up with an interview.

Another big thanks to Lucas B. (of Norther Lights) and Timmy A. for allowing me my creative free-reign, and for networking to get the right connections to get me an interview with the right people.

I suggest you all go out and get King Gampo, and my personal favorite Recession Music.  Stophouse is producing some pretty interesting material and they are definitely worth a listen.

Prof. will be playing at the Warehouse in La Crosse, WI, Saturday, February 4th, with Another Exoneration, which sold out, but if you are smart you could figure a way to sneak in the back.

Get on it.


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