Killer Mike, “Big Beast” (Feat. Bun B, T.I. & Trouble) (Prod. By El-P)

Something with El-P on production?  Yes, I am down.  Killer Mike, Bun B, T.I. & amp; Trouble, have gotten together with one of my favorite producers/rapper of the underground hip-hop scene (El-P) to create some music for the masses.  It is truly an interesting day when mainstream artists can collaborate with an underground king-pin such as El-p.  This has been done by artists before, but not to this extent in this music setting.  I am a fan of heavy beats, catchy samples, and nice word flow, and this song has it all, minus the fluff and hype.

“Hell Yeah” by dead prez is a prime example of collaborations of a different variety of stars from different sub-sets from different music styles.  I enjoyed that song when I first heard it; I was sort of surprised by the talent on the track.  It is amazing seeing artists reach out to different genres and music classes to create good music.  When the mainstream is lacking in talent, it is no surprise that they turn to true artists who still remain underground.  The underground scene has an abundance of creativity and a lack of ego, for the most part.  When artists like this come together they either come together, or they don’t come together.  This collaboration, and variety of artists fits nicely.

El-P is off the hook with his samples, and his jumpy anxious style beats.  It may not be traditional, but it is in your face and effective.

This song is the first song released off of Killer Mike and El-P’s  R.A.P. music album.  They did an album together, Holy Shit!  No surprise something interesting from El-p, no surprise a classic formula for good music was utilized to create this raw sound.  One can appreciate the classic bumping hip-hop sound, this beat makes you want to get on your feet.  I feel like I am listening to N.W.A.’s Straight Outta Compton again for the first time, when considering the beats and cuts within this track I am reminded of how hip-hop started and what it first sounded like.

When El-p is on production you can expect something different banging and original, as a classically trained jazz musician he is super solid on his sound.  When you add the grit-grimy sound of the Southern flow, and the mainstream aspect of Killer Mike, Bun B, T.I. you get something extremely out of the ordinary, but also groundbreaking in the respective mainstream.  Hearing this makes me wonder what the album will sound like.  I am excited to hear more.

If you dig El-p, or want to get into more of his music I would check out Fantastic Damage  and I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead.  A similar style is reflected upon in this track.  El-p’s sound is easily recognizable, and his collaborations are extensive.  He is a Beat Vet in my eyes.

All these serious cats together, its enough to make a hip-hop head smile.  It is a good day when it sounds smooth like butter and the lines that were are only a blur.  I can appreciate a champion putting out solid music to bob our heads to, but a motley crew of sorts and I am pumped.

To better and more diverse collaborations all around.  Cheers!

Tim’s Side Note: As Terry said, El-P and Killer Mike are going to be doing a full-length LP together, and I’ve known this for a while, but I had no idea what the outcome would sound like; this just might be my favorite track so far this year. The beat reminds me of a mixture that El-P arrived at from using a formula that combines Fantastic Damage & I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead. I can not wait for this album to hit shelves.

My favorite line and an instant Hip-Hop quotable from Bun B: “When you step out on the Ave, make sure they wanna see ya/cuz being Trill is an onomatopoeia.”

Download: Killer Mike, “Big Beast” (Feat. Bun B, T.I. & Trouble) (Prod. By El-P)


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