Music Discovery: Dosh

For how long Dosh has been entangled in the Midwest’s music scene, it is hard to call this a discovery but it was my discovery. The one-man band, who is Dosh, has been flying under my radar for far too long. I had no idea who he was until I attended a Black Moth Super Rainbow show last year in Madison, WI at the Majestic Theater. Like so many other musicians, I discovered Dosh by chance at a live show. This is why for true music fans true discovery happens at the level of attending live shows.

His parents were originally from the Twin Cities and were forced to move in order for his father to gain employment. They moved back when Martin Dosh was 2 because of his health issues and the city of Los Angeles’s endless sprawl. Then the Twin Cities helped produce yet another musically talented individual as Martin started his masters in music at the age of 6 on the piano. He is now the master of many instruments and the best way to describe his style is by taking a watch.

If your schedule is open on the 3rd day of August do yourself a favor and go check out Dosh’s  7″ Release Party at the 7th Steet Entry in Minneapolis.


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