Akron/Family sign deal with Dead Ocean for album release in 2009

Akron/Family plays some sweet music indeed, and now I can drink merrily this evening knowing that their fourth album will be coming early in 2009. Also, part of the good news this week is that the band as partnered with the very respectable and fan-friendly Texas-based Dead Oceans label for the release of new experimental, folk-influenced rock .

But the most interesting news is about the direction the band has taken on the new album. In a recent interview, member Miles Seaton referred to the album as organic; he also implied that although it is undeniably an “Akron/Family album”, they are very proud of a progression on their sound that expands their sound into uncharted territories. “It started out being really inspired by American soul and West African music,” he says. “We’re all still in love with American classic rock music, but [the new ablum] is inspired by many different directions […] There’s even one track that emphasizes our fondness for extreme noise and painful, almost guttural sounds — raw, primal noise. We’ve alluded to those things, but I think there are a few moments that are mashing all those sounds together, into hopefully, one seven-minute prog masterpiece.”

From the sounds of it, the next album may be their most ambitious yet – but while many bands might fall flat on their faces attempting this kind of thing, Akron/Family seems to actually have the depth to pull something like this off. Every song I’ve heard so far from the band has been unique, but they all have (nearly instantly) earned my long-lasting appreciation. While they definitely show a well-versed appreciation for folk of yesteryear and solid chops to match, they really seem at home when submerging the listener in subliminal background pyschedelia, noise rock, ambience, and engaging, soaring vocals. This band has a very interesting and beautiful approach to modern music. I’m hoping that this release will finally push them into the spotlight so that they can get the credit they deserve for the contributions they’ve made; either way, I’m psyched!


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