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Terry Junior – It’s Been Too Long (Republic Hymn)

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Summerfest 2013: The Lineup Returns to Championship Form

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One of the greatest music festivals in the world recently returned as a championship contender when they released their lineup for 2013. Lately, the festival seemed to rely mainly on its prestige alone. After all, it is a festival that spans over 11 days and has more than 800 acts performing on 11 different stages. The festival is a vision of the great late mayor of Milwaukee, Henry Maier, who wanted a massively relative festival that would compare to the joyous Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. He started the tradition that became Summerfest in 1968.

The lineup has been lacking the innovative music that the youth and many more have gravitated towards in recent years. This year after they released their headliners at the Marcus Amphitheater I had mixed feelings. So I was a little skeptical when I received the E-mail that their complete lineup was out but said, “What the hell” and clicked the link. To my astonishment, I was really impressed. One thing that stuck out in my mind was that they got some major electronic, Indie rock and alternative rock acts. All whom are currently relevant in their respected industries. This list includes Pretty Lights, Diplo, Empire of the Sun, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Yeasayer and MGMT. They did this while still including a lot of the older talent (Alice Cooper, 311, Foreigner and Billy Idol) and mixing in many more talented up and comers.

Another thing you have to appreciate about Summerfest is the variety of music that they bring to the many ears attending the festival. They have done a great job blending country, pop, blue grass, electronic, rock and even a little bit of hip hop into the lineup. A few other artists that would be worth seeing are: Capital Cities, Atmosphere, Trampled by Turtles, Robert Delong, Matt & Kim, AWOLNATION, Imagine Dragons, Taliban Kweli and Cake. If you are the least bit interested after reading this head over to for a complete listing of this year’s lineup.


The D.O.T.-How We All Lie

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After Mike Skinner put The Streets to rest after 5 albums I didn’t think I would hear much from the bloke.  I waited for some time, and nothing…  I followed Skinner on his blog and watched for him to put out something new.  Nothing happened…  I mean, there were some new posts and interesting photos, and words, but no music.  And then-a few months back, I became aware that I was literally on Mike Skinner’s personal emailing list.  A message popped up from one of my favorite anti-mainstream mainstream artists.  I had received an email from the man as if he had risen from the grave.  I was bestowed upon some great and inspiring new sound.  Kaboom!

And here it is in video form incase you missed it.  (above)

This catchy tune takes a few listens to warm up to.  You know I am crazy, so I sat around all day banging this shit out on loud, macbook style.  My GF got a little mad, by the end I was singing along (out of tune of course) and getting scolded.  I felt I knew the song and the artist a little more, I felt there was promise in this new material.  May I say I am a bit excited for the full length album?  I felt the video was entertaining (I had heard about this filming technique in Boulder, CO).  After listening to this song, and viewing the innovative video, I realized that what The D.O.T. was doing was actually pretty good.  I felt the same emotion that I had gotten from a lot of The Streets’ albums after the first and second listen, “Cult classic, not bestseller”.  But sales don’t matter, the sound is important, and this song is very catchy and has an incredibly memorable melody.  I woke this morning singing the chorus.

Before this message from Mike Skinner, I had little knowledge of The D.O.T., I assumed Skinner produced the songs.  I had no idea who the singer was.  So let me fill you in:

The D.O.T. Official Website

They have some interesting videos, venue tickets, downloadable songs, and other merchandise.

The D.O.T. project’s site is visually appealing and artsy, while remaining easy to navigate.

In all honesty I love how abstract and collectively cool Skinner is overall; most (universally), if not all of The Streets’ material is exceptionally well made, as Chuck Klosterman wrote-he (Skinner) is ‘advanced’ as an artist.  The music he puts out is real and relatable, there is an essence of humanity within his lyrics and delivery.  Also, Rob Harvey, of The Music, sounds great on vocals, and harmonizes well with Skinner.  At times I feel that Skinner wants to put more vocals into the song; however, it sounds pleasant the way it is presented.

Happily I am intrigued and I want to hear more.  If you could hook it up with a free CD, Mr. Skinner, that would be excellent, pre-release if possible???  Thanks.

Watch out for The D.O.T.’s new album “Diary” due to drop May 6, 2013.

Because Geezers truly need excitement.

Heatbeat, my life could use a little “Extra Bacon”; how about yours?

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Heatbeat was first introduced to me earlier this year. The Argentinean duo’s “Rocker Monster” came at me through my car speakers with an aggressive edge. Matias Faint, 26, and Agustin Servente, 25, are the masterminds behind this DJ/Producer combo from Buenos Aires. In hearing this first single they started to peak my interest.

Then they gave my life a little “Extra Bacon”. This EDM banger has been stuck in my head like the thought of bacon is every morning when I get up. Any track that is named “Extra Bacon” better live up to all the hype because everybody could use some more bacon in their life to make it complete. The very thought of bacon is making me hungry for bacon and I need more… Bacon.

So check out their track “Extra Bacon” and continue to watch this unbelievable duo rise to electronic greatness.

Evacuation: Lollapalooza

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I have been attending Lollapalooza for the past 4 years now, and I have never been part of an evacuation. For that part, no one has ever been part of a mandatory evacuation at Lollapalooza since it’s inception in 1991. Evacuation is such a scary word and seemed like an extreme measure to take at the time. I am going to tell you why it was the right move and how it all went down from my perspective.

I had watched the weather that morning, and the trustworthy meteorologist said that we would be alright. A possible scatter thunderstorm during the day with the severe weather hitting the Chicago area later that night after Lollapalooza was already over for the day. When the text from a friend came in: “How is the rain?” I simply replied with: “What rain? lol”. At that point, I thought I better check the radar on as the city skyline was getting draped with a very dark, swirling line of clouds. The radar wouldn’t come up, as my phone was not cooperating at the time, but I did see that there was a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 4:15 pm. Then the unthinkable happened – Alan Palamo of Neon Indian made an announcement at 3:10 pm that they were to be done playing in 10 minutes and that everyone had to leave Grant Park.

At that point, I do not think the crowd believed they had to leave; I know they didn’t want to leave. My group of friends didn’t want to leave the park either. The security ushered us out like a herd of cows, forcing us out in to the streets of Chicago.
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Mad Decent Block Party Announces the Chicago Leg

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I have been waiting for the announcement in anticipation to see who will be performing for the Mad Decent Block Party presented by Puma in Chicago this year. I was pumped to make the 5 hour drive to go to the free show beforehand and thought Chicago would be getting Major Lazor or Zed’s Dead to headline but it looks like we got hooked up with co-headliners. Two of my more favorite underground acts of the year are in charge of legitimizing this bill. I am sure that Tanlines and Action Bronson will not disappoint the crowd this year. If you do not have these two albums I suggest you go get them and then quit complaining about the lineup.

Some other good acts joining the block party are Keys N’ Krates and the Icky Blossoms. I was hoping for a little more womp in my lineup but I will have to do with the de-womp in my lineup this time around. It is free, it is in Chicago and if you haven’t RSVP’d and you are planning on attending go over to Mad Decent Block Party’s homepage and make it happen. One last question though, where is Diplo if he is putting this event on?

*Nadastrom was added to the lineup and 12th Planet is headlining.

Chan Marshall is Cat Power

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Since the new single, “Ruin”, by Cat Power was released on June 2oth it has been on heavy rotation on Sirius XMU. The song has been one of my favorites since hearing it in June. It is a very catchy song that peaked my interest enough to go and research who or what Cat Power is? Cat Power is Chan Marshall’s band that she has been a part of for many years. SUN, her 9th studio album, will be released on Matador Records September 4th of this year and “Ruin” is the featured single off of the record.

Believe it or not, Chan Marshall was born in 1972. You would not be able to tell the Atlanta, Georgia native is 40 by the way “Ruin” grabs your attention with its hip and catchy sound. This is her first studio album in 6 years and for the first time she took control of all elements on the making of SUN. She is refreshed and ready for a new beginning with the release of this record. If the first single is a preview of what is to come on Cat Power’s new album, we will all be getting a little more SUN this fall in the Midwest.

Get the First Album by Beats Antique for Free

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We haven’t put up any links to free music in a while so when Beats Antique made their first album available a couple a days ago, I figured it was worthy enough to put the word out. The belly dancing, Egyptian-Funk electronic group out of California really gives you a taste of what they are all about on their debut album. Follow this link to be thrown into a different world of sound on Tribal Derivations.

Vote For M.i in the TDE Feature Contest!

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Whether you realize it or not, this is a pretty big deal folks. M.i is a finalist in the Top Dawg Entertainment Feature Contest; emcees across the country have sent in tracks in the hopes of collaborating with an artist from the T.D.E. roster. According to what I’ve read, each artist was to submit a hook and verse using one of two instrumentals provided by the Top Dawg in-house production team. The winner will receive a collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul or Schoolboy Q.

I’m not surprised to say this, but M.i is one of five finalists left in the competition. Top Dawg Entertainment is one of the strongest forces in Hip-Hop right now; it seems as though everything they touch turns to gold. I know I’m going to do my part and push the button to vote. You could be helping a terrifically talented artist get the recognition that he deserves.

You can listen to the track below, and you can listen to the other artist’s tracks here as well as vote.

5 Musts if You are a Lollapalooza 1st Timer

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With Lollapalooza a little more than a week and since it will be my fourth year in attendance, I wanted to give you a list of 5 things you should experience at the Festival in Grant Park. I will be participating in all 5 of these “musts” again this year.

5. Eat a Lobster Corn Dog from Grahamwhich.
Ever since the first year of attending this festival, getting a lobster corn dog has been almost as much of a tradition as going to Lollapalooza. It comes from Chow Town’s Grahamwhich booth and the price should not deter you from trying the tasty morsel. It is festival friendly, as it is a breaded lobster tail on a stick with a tasty dipping sauce on the side. If you have one you will find yourself craving another in the future.

4. See a Show at the Google Plus Stage*.
The Google Plus Stage*, or “The Grove” as me and my friends call it, is a side stage where I highly recommend seeing a show. The stage was put in its current location when the grounds expanded 2 years ago. That was the year we saw Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros perform. During their set they made us all sit Indian-style for a song near the finish. It was a pleasant surprise that the crowd easily agreed and it is one moment from Lollapalooza that I will never forget.
*Google Plus Stage has changed to the Google Play Stage this year.

3. Get there Early and Try to Walk into 1 Show Blind.
The reason I say this is because the earlier you arrive the easier it is to beat the crowd. Also, seeing a band you have never heard of will either allow you to discover some new music or, you will realize a band is not for you, and then it is on to the next. I always enjoy arriving to Lollapalooza early so I can be pleasantly surprised by an early act, in addition to being able to walk right up to the stages and just having the ability to relax in space. The first year I attended on Friday we walked in and walked up to the main stage. That’s where I discovered Hey Champ. If I hadn’t gotten there early I would never have heard of Hey Champ so get out, live a little and be surprised.

2. Check Out the Farmer’s Market.
The Farmer’s Market was introduced in the past few years but I didn’t actually check it out until last year. It quickly became my favorite area of the festival to get good healthy food. It is a great alternative away from all the other booths that make up Chow Town. When you are attending a festival, such as Lollapalooza, it is important to keep your body in good shape. It takes a little longer to get your food from this area but it is well worth the wait. Last year, it happened to be right next to the Google Plus Stage so you can kill two “musts” with one stone. Grab some great healthy food and enjoy a show at the Google Plus Stage.

1. Get Lost at Perry’s.
Perry’s Tent is the heartbeat of Lollapalooza that can be heard from all around the grounds. It is something that when the music stops at another stage you hear the bass inviting you in for a little dance party fun. You should not try to fight the temptation to go in and let yourself go crazy. Just realize that once you enter you may not want to leave and there are other acts to see at Lollapalooza.