Album Review: DJ Mehdi – “Pocket Piano EP”

There’s some new Ed Banger material out there for those who just can’t get enough of the ultra-heavy banging electro record label. The new release comes courtesy of DJ Mehdi, who has quietly been releasing some of the best material on Ed Banger in the form of short EPs. His newest effort, “Pocket Piano EP” is a short four track record that is highlighted by the title track. There’s only two new original tracks it, but it includes two remixes of “Pocket Piano,” one by heavy-weight mix master Joakim and another by Brodinski. The other track on the EP, “Tunisia Bambaata” is a slight dissension from normal Mehdi form, and is the definite let down on the album. 


But as I mentioned, the title track is an exciting and sprawling four and a half minute track that is definitely worth having for any French electro fan. There is certainly no shortage of piano keys, just as the title may suggest. I can only describe the song one way: If there was ever a song played during a DJ training montage, you know, kind of like “Eye of the Tiger” is to Rockey, “Pocket Piano” is that song. And if that description doesn’t make you want to listen to it, then I’m convinced nothing will. Enjoy! 

mp3: “Pocket Piano” – DJ Mehdi

Here is another added bonus, a remix of “Pocket Piano” by a guy that’s been making the rounds on various remixes, and making impact too because most of his work has been fairly impressive. mp3: “Pocket Piano” – DJ Mehdi (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix)

As far as short EPs that have been surfacing from this label for a while, this one ranks near the top of a class that has definitely been slipping lately, as young Abletoners have been beating them at their own game. Hopefully this great single will jump-start a rise in great production that Ed Banger has been able to deliver in the past. Only time will tell I suppose, but one thing is reassured here: DJ Mehdi is somebody

One Response to “Album Review: DJ Mehdi – “Pocket Piano EP””

  1. grande arecha mi arava te estara sicio sseco. abicerd te erecio dextr nos puder o raradimo amafido hismo bien.

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