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Music Discovery: Nick Thayer, Like Boom EP

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Nick Thayer an Australian born DJ and Producer from Melbourne just dropped his Like Boom EP, less than a month ago, on February 7th, 2012. Sometimes it takes a little while for the sound to reach our ears all the way here in the United States from Australia but this is one DJ that you should not ignore. If you like original sounding electronica with many different levels and fun elements look no further. Nick Thayer best describes his music “as putting 7 glowsticks in a blender.”

Skrillex signed him to his record label OWSLA and his Like Boom EP is his first release since this signing. Skrillex was quoted saying, “Nick is one of the most versatile producers I know… taking everything from house to drum and bass to moombahton and putting his own forward-thinking spin on it. Not genre bound, just music bound.” Head over to Nick’s website and it will direct you to one of the many places you can take a listen.

The fun and funky track “Facepalm” will definitely get you dancing as he almost talks to you with his electronic hooks. This track is my favorite and within a minute you will know if you are down with Nick Thayer and what he has to offer your ears. In his track “Like Boom” featuring Wizard Sleeve and N’Fa he brings hip-hip into the electronic music world and for a change it actually works really well. Nick Thayer is someone that Skrillex discovered at a party while in Australia. Now, let MindInversion allow you to discover; Nick Thayer.


Mind Inversion Exclusive Interview: Cage & Aviary

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cage and aviary interview picture

Part man, part machine, part cockatiel, Cage & Aviary take flights of fancy whenever they can.

Cage & Aviary, one part Jamie Paton and one part Nigel of Bermondsey, are busy people. They run a record label, they DJ, they produce, they jam. Their most recent release, the stellar Television Train/Suburban 12″ out now on DFA records (the euro version), has catapulted their success to a global scale. The two came stateside to play some of their first ever American DJ gigs in Los Angeles. So as their legend grows, and as their music continues to amaze, be sure to check them out. The two were nice enough to sit down and fill out a nice e-mail correspondence for Mind Inversion as well. Enjoy! (Nigel isn’t much for the talk)

Mind Inversion: So I’m barely 19 and have a limited knowledge, yet great appreciation and love of disco and house records from days gone by. I feel like all of your tracks draw upon very historic music, and music that most mainstream listeners don’t have an ear for. Elaborate on this idea, What from the past has influenced your music?
Jamie: I guess the short answer is lots of things, but that’s not much in the way of elaboration! We both bring lots of different influences to the mix, but our tastes also blend in some areas too – we both love the whole post-punk NY art-pop stuff like Talking Heads, and the Mancunian 80s new wave punk-funkers like A Certain Ratio and early New Order. We also have much love for the whole island records thing. A lot of this stuff when listened to now doesn’t sound mainstream but at the time, when the charts were made up of less formulaic production-line music, these oddball records made it into the upper reaches of the charts, I think it was an amazing time for popular music. Aside from all of that, I guess I bring more of a disco and house thing to the mix.
Nigel: I agree

MI: What is your model for creating music? I know you guys are involved in various other projects, so is the way you guys create started separately and then fused together at a different time, or is it more of the just sit down together with a plan and create tracks?
Jamie: We just sit down and jam really, see what comes out and take it from there. Recently we’ve been getting our live DJ set thing together, and the practice sessions for that have really produced some great new material, or at least starting points for them.
Nigel: I concur

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Saturday Single: Equinox – “Vivid Dreams”

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Saturday Single’s first installment was a hit, so I’m back again to give you all the buzz on wax this week. This time around I’ll be listening to the new 12″ from the UK’s extremely talented Equinox. With a catalogue dating all the way back to 1993, and a sound that’s never devoted to one genre, Equinox is the perfect example of what it means to be a DJ, carefully and skillfully blending various genres.

vivd dreamsRelease: May 12th  Label: Planet Mu  Buy: iTunes / Vinyl 12″

Vivid Dreams; however, might not be the best place to start if you’ve never heard Equinox before. Both tracks on the single rely heavily on the Drum and Bass patterns better known for their appearances in Pi, The Matrix, or just about any bad ’80s prog-techno catalogue than for their stand alone musical enjoyment. To call this kind of music “intense” would be completely cliche, but probably more right than wrong. The title track “Vivid Dreams” is an erie and more mysterious track than what Drum and Bass are usually known for, but it makes for a nice transition from the usually omniscient  songs (Think Silent Hill opening cutscene remixed). As much as I might ridicule it, and with as many bad pop-culture references as I can make, Vivid Dreams is actually really good. What it boils down to is whether or not you like this style of music or not. If you do, perfect, if you don’t, well you’re probably going to make fun of me for listening to this. Oh well I suppose, as Equinox is one of the most consistent and talented underground DJs in the UK.

MP3: Equinox – “Vivid Dreams”

Mogwai in Minneapolis: Barry Burns’ Radio K in-studio, live First Ave. bootleg online

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Minneapolis is showing some love for Mogwai. It’s been a month since the Scottish post-rockers came to play the mainroom in First Avenue, and in the meantime some great audio from their stay in the city is slowly leaking from the city.

Before Mogwai took the stage on May 10th, Barry Burns stopped by U of M’s Radio K for half an hour to take over the dials and give an exclusive interview to our fine University during the broadcast of nowlikephotographs. Check it:

LISTEN: Barry Burns (Mogwai), DJ Set/Interview

And the best find of all? Empty’s Tapes linked to an exclusive live audio bootleg at The Trader’s Den that captures the band’s First Avenue performance in glorious clarity. It’s worth the download for any fan of the band; all you have to do is register for free and you can start torrenting!

DOWNLOAD: Mogwai, Live at First Avenue, 5/10/09 (FLAC Audio Bootleg)

Hercules & Love Affair debut new material via mix cd

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The art of the mixtape is far from dead. Whether you’re talking the thousands of hip-hop and rap artists trying to get their name out there or hype an album through this medium, or you’re chatting about the newest Fabric Live or Kitsune tapes, mix cds are not as dead as their 90’s origins. Come July 13 in fact, you’ll be able to get your hands on some awesome new Hercules and Love Affair material thanks to mastermind and coordinator Andrew Butler’s new mixtape. 


Set to be released on Dance happy label Renaissance, the album will feature Andy Butler doing what he does best: DJing for two hours. Rats off to anybody who recognizes more than about five tracks on it, seeing as Butler has a taste for the obscure, bottom-of-the-crate house music. But I’ve got full faith in the man, after seeing him spin live and after hearing him on various podcasts, I know that the Hercules front man can deliver some of the best in the last few decade’s dance music. 

Andrew Butler will be the test case for this mix series as well, entitled Sidetracked. Though it’s a concept that various labels and outlets have been exploring lately, Sidetracked looks to be another promising medium for artists to show that they’re into music other than their own. So be sure to check out the album when it hits shelves July 13.


CD 1 (mixed) CD 2 (same tracks; un-mixed)
01 Westbam: “And Party”
02 Sax: “No Pares (Don’t Stop)”
03 Hercules & Love Affair: “I Can’t Wait”
04 In Flagranti: “I Never Screwed Around Before”
05 Dubwise: “Hold Me Real Tight”
06 Fax Yourself: “Sunshine”
07 Todd Terry Project: “Weekend”
08 Daniel Wang: “Zola Has Landed”
09 Rhythm Masters: “Oh Oh Why”
10 Los Kings Del Mambo: “Studio X”
11 Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band: “I’ll Play the Fool”
12 Ray Martinez Jnr: “Lady of the Night”
13 Gino Soccio “Dream On”
14 Rainbow Team: “Dreaming”

Album Review: DJ Mehdi – “Pocket Piano EP”

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There’s some new Ed Banger material out there for those who just can’t get enough of the ultra-heavy banging electro record label. The new release comes courtesy of DJ Mehdi, who has quietly been releasing some of the best material on Ed Banger in the form of short EPs. His newest effort, “Pocket Piano EP” is a short four track record that is highlighted by the title track. There’s only two new original tracks it, but it includes two remixes of “Pocket Piano,” one by heavy-weight mix master Joakim and another by Brodinski. The other track on the EP, “Tunisia Bambaata” is a slight dissension from normal Mehdi form, and is the definite let down on the album. 


But as I mentioned, the title track is an exciting and sprawling four and a half minute track that is definitely worth having for any French electro fan. There is certainly no shortage of piano keys, just as the title may suggest. I can only describe the song one way: If there was ever a song played during a DJ training montage, you know, kind of like “Eye of the Tiger” is to Rockey, “Pocket Piano” is that song. And if that description doesn’t make you want to listen to it, then I’m convinced nothing will. Enjoy! 

mp3: “Pocket Piano” – DJ Mehdi

Here is another added bonus, a remix of “Pocket Piano” by a guy that’s been making the rounds on various remixes, and making impact too because most of his work has been fairly impressive. mp3: “Pocket Piano” – DJ Mehdi (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix)

As far as short EPs that have been surfacing from this label for a while, this one ranks near the top of a class that has definitely been slipping lately, as young Abletoners have been beating them at their own game. Hopefully this great single will jump-start a rise in great production that Ed Banger has been able to deliver in the past. Only time will tell I suppose, but one thing is reassured here: DJ Mehdi is somebody

Above and Beyond Anjunabeats Tour

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Critically acclaimed Above and Beyond, have risen to the top of the charts with songs like Miracle and other euphoric remixes. With their long-awaited Oceanlab album, they will continue to make waves in the global dance community.  The masterminds behind the sound, Jono, Paavo, and Tony, reinvent what trance DJ’s should inspire to be: Above and Beyond. The trio is torpedo with its sights set on making a tsunami of transient sound. I raise my hands and applaud them for their ability to create distinctive and dreamy trance, while keeping my feet in sync with beat. Above and Beyond are currently on their Anjunabeats world tour visiting the eastern countries like Twain, Korea, China, and Australia.

30-Oct-08 Halloween Party @ Manilla, Philipines
31-Oct-08 Halloween Massive, Taipei, Taiwan
01-Nov-08 GK @ Wakerhill, Seoul, Korea
06-Nov-08 G+ or SOS, Hangzhou, China

07-Nov-08 GT Banana, Beijing, China
08-Nov-08 G+, Shanghai, China
22-Nov-08 Global Gathering, Melbourne
23-Nov-08 Global Gathering, Perth
28-Nov-08 Global Gathering, Aukland NZ
29-Nov-08 Global Gathering, Canberra
29-Nov-08 Global Gathering, Brisbane
Turf Club
30-Nov-08 Global Gathering, Sydney
06-Dec-08 International Exhibition Center, Ukraine
13-Dec-08 ZoukOUT Festival, Malaysia

But for those of you who don’t live in or near those countries, you can still listen to Trance Around the World with Above and Beyond broadcasts at Cheers Guys!