Arcade Fire to Release DVD

mp3 of track from the above video: Arcade Fire – “Cold Wind”

Arcade Fire, one of the most consistently great indie rock bands out there, are releasing a DVD chronicling their 2007 effort Neon Bible. The Film is titled Miroir Noir and as their press release describes it, the vid “follows Arcade Fire through the making and touring of their 2007 album Neon Bible documenting the band at their Montreal studio, the making of promotional films and videos, along with live footage and a few short films made on the road.”

The official release date of the hard copy of the dvd and deluxe edition dvd have yet to be set, but expect to see them in early 2009. The deluxe edition will come packed with added live footage, and most intriguing is that fact that it has footage of their famed SNL set that they played well beyond the allotted time slot causing the set to shut down so Arcade Fire couldn’t play anymore, but it never stopped them, see below for a clip. The digital release of the film is Monday December 15th, so those anxious to get their hands on this (much like I am) can have it asap. Most notably is the fact that you can subscribe to the email list for the movie over at the official website and pre-order a copy of the documentary which comes with an instant digital download upon order confirmation. Sort of like having your cake and eating it too, sort of haha. 

I know I’m excited to see the footage from these guys because everything they have done so far in their short and illustrious career has been magnificent.   


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