MPLS free show: Battlefields, Høst @ Uptown Bar

Everyone’s finals are over on Thursday the 18th, and since this is the case, I highly encourage you to all go out to get drinks and celebrate. Any self-respecting Minneapolis metal fan would do well to check out the free (.. yeah that’s right, no cover!) showcase from regional post-metal favorites Battlefields. Black metal visionaries Høst play direct support and Iron Thrones, Empires, and Rise of the Empire open the show.

Hosted by Uptown Bar and Cafe, 3018 Hennepin Ave. S – Show starts @ 9 pm


2 Responses to “MPLS free show: Battlefields, Høst @ Uptown Bar”

  1. ericbandloveaffair Says:

    Yeah I have two finals on friday so thanks for rubbing that in, haha

  2. hahahaooooh ouch. i really hope to make it to this show. all the bands involved are pretty awesome and deserve respect outside of minnesota.

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