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Soundset 2012 Announced!

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Sorry for the delay in my posting lately folks, but I’ve been swamped in my personal life. Anyways, I was at work today when I got about 3 different text messages pertaining to this year’s Soundset Festival in Shakopee, MN. Let me tell you right now, my heart dropped when I saw this lineup; it is utterly fantastic. I went to the initial reincarnation of Soundset in 2008, and it’s one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. I also went in 2009, but I haven’t been back since because I wasn’t as enthused about the lineup as I had been in past years.

This year they have truly outdone themselves; I can’t even express how excited I am about this lineup. Some of the artists (just to name a few) include Atmosphere (as always), Aesop Rock, Evidence, Big K.R.I.T., Ghostface Killah & Raekwon, Danny Brown, DJ Premier, Kendrick Lamar, hometown heroes Audio Perm and more. Tickets will be on sale this Saturday, March 10th at 11AM, and I can assure you I will be picking up a VIP ticket stat. General admission is going to be $41, and VIP will be $90. I hope to see you all there!


An Interview With Tiger Vs.

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Minneapolis is a treasure trove for great music.  Fortunately I have been going out and experiencing some of it first hand.  At the end of 2011 and at the beginning of 2012 I was invited to a show by a friend and I experienced Tiger Vs.  I have seen a lot of local talent over the past few years, but Tiger Vs. stuck out to me.  They had something different and interesting about them.  Their sound radiated on a different level; the concept of their music was deep to my ears, it did not sound thrown together, but put together carefully piece-by-piece.  This was a multi-layered band with a multi-layered sound.  At first they reminded me of a Radiohead-esque type band (with a touch of sound from The Beatles), but then I was hit with thing I hadn’t heard before, classical sound in a present setting.  The vocals were deep and the sound was of quality and thought provoking.  Their sound was new and interesting.  They didn’t sound like a one off band, all of their songs were solid.  I completely enjoyed my experience, and at the end of the set I wanted more.

So after a bit of contemplation I searched out Tiger Vs., I wanted to know more about them.  I figured I would sit down and write to the band and collect some information.  As I see this band has something to offer musically.  Tiger Vs. intrigued and delighted at the Triple Rock.  They were the opening act, but I feel they had the ability and talent to be the headliner.  They did an excellent job and I feel they deserve a shout out on Mindinversion.  So here is my second attempt at an interview.  I hope it is as interesting and revealing as possible.  Check out Tiger Vs. they are down to earth and their sound is deep and moving.  Introducing Tiger Vs., here it is, the interview:

TS:  Members of Tiger Vs. and their roles:

Tiger Vs.:  Ranelle Johnson- singer/songwriter, keyboards

Addison Wasson- electric cello

John Accaregui- drums

 TS:  Where are you all originally from?

Tiger Vs.:  Ranelle- Spicer, MN

John & Addy- Iowa City, IA

TS:  How long have you been performing together?

Tiger Vs.:  1 year

TS:  What do you think the Minneapolis music scene brings to the table for local bands, and how has that benefited you (Tiger Vs.)?

Tiger Vs.:  Everyone in the local music scene is very welcoming and supportive. Bands help each other out with booking shows and promoting each other’s music. The Minneapolis scene is also really eclectic and provides a place for music of diverse styles.

TS:  Who is Tiger Vs. most influenced by musically and what is in your boombox right now?

Tiger Vs.:  We all grew up in very different backgrounds. We also all are influenced by and listen to a variety of genres. (Rock, pop, hip-hop, indie, jazz, electronic, punk, funk, classical).

Influences: Beach House, The Books, Portishead, Sufjan Stevens, CocoRosie, Battles, Don Caballero, The Beatles, Bjork

Boombox Right Now:  Ranelle-  Dvorak (Symphony No. 9 in E minor), The Beastie Boys (Hello Nasty)

Addy- J Dilla (Donuts), St. Vincent (Strange Mercy)

John- Beach Boys (The Smile Sessions), Dr. Dre (The Chronic 2001)

TS:  After rocking a show describe the type of after party Tiger Vs. has.

Tiger Vs.:  We go home and let out the dog.

TS:  I noticed at the show you all played musical instruments, such as the electric cello, and the piano (it seems to make the listening experience more involved) as an artist how does having a classic instrument like that on stage make your performance different?

Tiger Vs.:  We use modern spins on our classical instruments. We are able to express the classical sound in our music, but are still able to provide that rock edge in our live performances.

TS:  What is the direction of your band, is there a sound you are trying to emulate?

Tiger Vs.:  There is not a specific sound that we are trying to emulate, for we have a lot of different influences. We are about to release our first EP. After this, we are looking forward to writing new material and expanding our sound.

TS:  Where does your inspiration come from when writing songs?

 Tiger Vs.:  Thought bubbles, freedom, Addy’s fear of birds, breakfast, coffee, and vigilante justice.

 TS:  Where do you see Tiger Vs. in a year?

Tiger Vs.:  Writing new music, releasing another album, playing shows outside of Minneapolis.

 TS:  Dream venue?

 Tiger Vs.:  Aboard the Battlestar Galactica…or

 TS:  Pepsi or Coke?

 Tiger Vs.:  Coke for whiskey, Fuck Pepsi.

 TS:  If there is one thing that you would want your audience to know about, or take away from you (Tiger Vs.), what would it be?

Tiger Vs.:  We are passionate about writing music, and are grateful for the opportunity to share and perform. We just want people to have fun and enjoy themselves at our shows. If they can relate to the music or take away something more from it, that is awesome.

TS:  I asked for a CD at the concert at the Triple Rock and you all said you didn’t have one.  If I want to get a CD of yours now where would I look?

Tiger Vs.:  We have not pressed/released our first EP yet. We do have a website where you can listen to some of our tunes that will be on the upcoming EP.

We are currently working on designing our own website, which should be up by March!

TS:  Also, can I get a shirt or CD or something?  Tiger Vs. shirts would be awesome by the way.

 Tiger Vs.:  We will be releasing our first EP this Spring 2012. We will keep everyone updated on dates and more info on our websites. It is going to be real soon! We just need to master our tracks and find an artist for our album art.

 TS:  Lastly, If you could hang out anywhere in Minneapolis what side would it be on, and what bar?  a.)  Downtown, b.)NE c.) South d.) Uptown e.) North f.) Loring Park.

 Tiger Vs.:  WEST BANK!

Favorite Bar: Triple Rock

Bowling at Memory Lanes

DP! (dog park)

End of Interview.


I would like to give a big thanks to Tiger Vs. for taking the time to answer my questions.  I would also like to say if you have the opportunity to catch Tiger Vs. live do it.  They are a locally performing band and they are very talented.

Paid Dues 2012 Announced!

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That’s right folks; The Paid Dues Festival has released their official lineup for the 2012 concert series. There are definitely some heavy hitters on this bill; those who attend can expect to see Wu-Tang Clan, Dilated Peoples, Kendrick Lamar and The Living Legends, just to name a few. The one thing that I love about festivals like Paid Dues and Rock The Bells is that they do a great job of highlighting acts on both coasts of the country. Even though I’m not huge on acts like Odd Future and Dipset, I would still love to make a trip out to California to see this epic bill of artists because honestly, Hip-Hop festivals are for the children.

Summer Camp Music Festival: A More Affordable Fun

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This music festival happens in the backyard of the Midwest. It is located in Chillicothe, Illinois and takes place from May 25th-27th this year. Summer Camp offers you the 3-day camping festival at a very nice price. If you were fortunate enough to grab early bird passes or advanced early bird passes then you already know you got one hell of a deal. Tickets are priced at a nice cool price of $174.20 for the time being. They offer lay a way so you can take your time paying off your ticket to a great time. Join the pre-party on Thursday and it is a $33 add-on but this allows you into the grounds a day earlier to help you find your new front door.

Head over to the website and check out this years line-up.

Live @ The Warehouse in La Crosse Tonight…

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This looks to be a promising show folks; I’m really kicking myself in the ass because I forgot to ask off of work for it, so now I’m stuck working (FML). Toki Wright is bringing his nationwide Black Belt Tour to La Crosse, and my boys Hyphon & Efftupp will be the opening acts; also, the young phenom Enable Mind will be doing his thing for the audience and opening. Toki also brought along Haziq Ali and Omaur Bliss who are joining him on the road for the tour. The Doors open at 7 tickets are only $7 at the door. If you are in the La Crosse area you probably want to check this show out. Trust me.

*Above I have links to all of the artist’s websites above, and below I have Hyphon & Efftupp’s mix Hurry Up & Wait Vol. 1.

Fresh Air Tour

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The Fresh Air Tour with Brother Ali, Evidence, Toki Wright, and BK-One is about to kick off! Get your tickets! should be dope!

Clipse & The Cool Kids Go On Tour

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That’s right, your favorite pie chefs are going on tour with your favorite hipster biking emcees. All throughout the months of August and September you will be able to catch these two groups in select venues across the states. Although The Cool Kids & Clipse won’t be at First Ave, you will be able to catch Clipse there solo on August 14th. Follow me after the jump for the tour dates. Continue reading