Download: 36 Deadly Darts, The Ghostface Doll Mix CD (Mixed by DJ Rhettmatic)


What can I say about Tony Starks (AKA Ghostface Killah)? The guy has it all, he’s one of the greatest rappers in the history of the game, he is part of one of the most highly influential collectives in Hip-Hop history and now he has his own doll. Rhettmatic was nice enough to release this mix entitled 36 Deadly Darts: The Ghostface Doll Mix CD which has some of the classics that you have come to love by Ghost. These mix tapes were originally sold on the road with Rhettmatic (with an initial press of 1,000) and now they are being given away with the purchase of the Ghost doll.

You can go over to 4CAST Limited and buy the doll for a mere $299.99. Many of you may be thinking, “Why the fuck would I pay three hundred dollars for a doll?” It’s because this doll is made with the finest quality materials. Ghost’s chain and wristband are made out of pure 14kt gold. They truly saved the best for last, this doll has a built in voice unit that has Ghost himself delivering classic lines. The voice byte titles: “I put it in em shot up in em deadly venom”, “Ghostface, ghostface”, “Remember when i longed dicked you and broke your ovary”, “Yo bitch i fucked your friend ya you stank ho”. This promises to be a must have for any die hard Wu-Tang or Ghostface Killah fan.

Here’s the tracklist:

1. Intro (Produced by Dj Rhettmatic)
2. Fish
3. Camay
4. Mighty Healthy
5. The Sun
6. Tearz
7. Verbal Intercourse
8. Can It Be All So Simple
9. Criminology
10. R.A.G.U.
11. Clipse Of Doom
12. Be Easy
13. One
14. The Forest
15. The Juks
16. Poisonous Darts
17. Winter Warz
18. Protect Ya Neck
19. Da Mystery Of Chessboxin
20. Guillotine
21. Wu Gambinos
22. Buck 50
23. 9 Mili Bros.
24. Daytona 500
25. The Grain
26. Last Night
27. Cherchez La Ghost
28. Iron’s Theme
29. No No No
30. Whip You With A Strap
31. Run
32. 4th Chamber
33. The Champ
34. Apollo Kids
35. Block Rock
36. All That I Got Is You

Download: 36 Deadly Darts: The Official Ghostface Doll Mix CD

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