The Second Supper, Your Local Press News

second-super-2 I want to tell all of you out there about an alternative newspaper called the Second Supper that is distributed in my area of residence. Most of the people that post on this blog know about it, but those of you readers out there that aren’t from our area (La Crosse, Coulee Region area) probably don’t know about it. They write about a variety of issues and have regularly syndicated columns (“Smock Talk”, “College Sucks” & “Y Marks the Spot”), as well as introspective features such as “Social Networking” and funny editorials like “The Top 5”. There are also reviews of music, beer, albums & books. Many of you may be saying, “Well Tim, that’s fine and dandy, but we don’t live in your area so we can’t read The Second Supper.” That is where you would be wrong.

The Second Supper has their own website on the Internet where you are able to view the most recent issue of the paper as well as issues for the last 4 weeks. That’s right folks you get everything on their website that you would otherwise be able to get in their weekly tangible publication. It sounds like a great idea to me to go checkout their website and see for yourself. The website also can show all of you readers out there what is going on in the area, so if you are ever thinking about coming to the Coulee Region for a vacation you can be ahead of the game.

Please go check out the Second Supper website and let me know what you think, I would greatly appreciate it!

You can also jump over to their page on MySpace


One Response to “The Second Supper, Your Local Press News”

  1. ericbandloveaffair Says:

    my personal favorite is the cigar reviews by Patrick Bateman

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