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Introducing: Click Track

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For some time I had been anticipating a video from a local band, Click Track.  Straight out of La Crosse, WI.  Now that I have seen and heard, I realize this band hails with edgy creativity and promising tune.

I had no idea at how the video would go or how the new song would sound.  I was exposed to the above.  I am greatly surprised at the catchiness of the song and the quality of the video, I felt it necessary to share with you, my friends at

Local Love presents Click Track.

Click Track Facebook Page

Click Track Reverbnation

These are some place to check out more songs, tour dates, and news on Click Track.

Click Track frontman Ryan Conrad and drummer Nick Elstad have hit it right with Dangerous Children.  They have been writing songs and creating music for sometime, playing venues in La Crosse, and elsewhere in the Midwest.  Bars, like The Cavalier, places intimate and very up close and personal.  I have known Conrad to have been writing and creating music, at least, for the past 10 years, in various acts (One point I even had the pleasure of being in a band with Conrad).  Seen em’ (Click Track) live a few times and they put on a high energy, professionally done show, with some fun.  The live show is intense and memorable, and their sound is original, at times haunting.

The song Dangerous Children is pleasantly catchy and the video is done well.  It has a hint of low-budget underground artsy film, but it remains highly effective and the songwriting speaks to quality.  I can appreciate a sense of art in production, with the progression and listenability of big league acts.  A song I can relate to and listen to many times before coming to a conclusion.

For a bit Conrad had been telling me to give his music a listen, I have known him forever and decided to.  I had not expected it to sound so new, so crisp, and so realistic.  I was happily enthusiastic.  I was intrigued, the Dangerous Children video showcases Click Track and the city of La Crosse, and a library, these are 3 positives in my book.

La Crosse is a city with a lot of musical acts, but at times, sadly, with little progression and distinguishability within the ranks and genres.

However, that is not entirely true, thanks to Click Track.

If anything Click Track is a testament that the music scene in La Crosse is changing for the better-their video speaks to said change.  Click Track is a breakthrough Indie rock band coming out of La Crosse, something I consider great, and they are pointed in the right direction.  They deserve a listen, and for the creative video they deserve a share.

Okay, so they have a megaphone, they wear suits, and they are from La Crosse, WI.  Need I say more?

The retro feel of the video, and the simple yet catchy sound have me inspired, Click Track.  As Click Track shows, there is clear potential in the Midwest for indie garage rock.


The Second Supper presents…

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Live @ the Root Note in La Crosse!

115 4th Street South.


If you have any questions about the show contact Tim Althaus @:

If you are in the La Crosse area, don’t miss this one!

The Second Supper Issue 152, The Sight Issue

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second-supper-152 Well I must say that I’m glad that I can see this cover because it’s badass. All of the articles in this week’s Second Supper issue are dedicated to the topic of sight, and boy are there some interesting articles at that. This issue really makes me realize that the sense of sight may in fact, be the most important sense that our body has.  Briana Rupel tries to go an entire day without any sight at all by tying a bandanna over her eyes. This proves to be a much more task that Bri had even imagined. Ben Clark writes up a nice article in “Smock Talk” about the insanely complex process that our eyes go through in the sense of sight.

The most interesting and touching article in this paper though, is a write-up by Adam Bissen on a La Crosse native named Steve Johnson. Steve is 45 years old and he has lived half of his life with sight, and half of it without sight. The crazy thing is that he lives a more active lifestyle now (without sight), than he did when he had 100% of his vision. He does many of the things that he used to do when he had vision and to be honest he lives a completely normal life. It is truly one of the most interesting articles I’ve ever read, it had me in utter bewilderment.

Thrown in of course are your assortment of favorites (Top Seven, Social Networking & of course reviews) that pertain to the sense of sight, and the usual material that you are used to. So put your head on straight and “look at” your weekly dose of Second Supper.

The Second Supper Issue 151, Cabin Fever

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second-supper-151 Sorry that my posts on the Second Supper are tardy folks, things on the blog as well as in my life have been crazy as of late. Needless to say I am back with a post about last week’s issue (issue 151), Cabin Fever. This issue holds especially true to all of us here at Mind Inversion because naturally we are all from the Midwest. All of us here know what it’s like to be cooped up in doors during the entirety of winter, and not being able to rejoice until March. All of the articles in the paper have to do with snow and winter activities.

Sadly after the Cabin Fever issue we will no longer read the great words of Maria Pint. This is her last issue, and I highly suggest you check out her goodbye, it’s very good. Ben Clark writes up an interesting article on the always interesting sport of Broomball. He also discusses the league for Broomball that we have in La Crosse. Amber Miller writes about her favorite activity in the winter (Tai Chi) and what she does to get out of the house. Briana Rupel writes up an article on her bowling league (which by the way has the best title ever, (Fuck it, Dude, Let’s Go Bowling) and her experiences in it. Last but not least Emily Faeth has an article about the Polar Plunge in La Crosse. She also provides a nice amount of insight and history on the event that raises a lot of money for a good reason every year.

All in all this is a great issue. It makes me feel good that spring is right around the corner (knock on wood), and the folks at the Second Supper can sympathize with what I’ve been going through. As I said we are going to be saying goodbye to Maria Pint (You will be missed), and we here at Mind Inversion wish her the best of luck in all of her future endeavours. Make sure you get over to the Second Supper website to check out the new issue.

The Chairs cover Bon Iver and swing through La Crosse next month

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I’ve heard a few tracks from these guys in the past and their debut EP was a real treat, now The Chairs are planning a short tour at the end of March. The new track is another spectacular cover (they also covered Neutral Milk Hotel a few months ago). This time the guys take a stab at Bon Iver’s beautiful song “Flume” of his debut album. It works out pretty well too, I mean sure, the empty and echoing feelings of the hollow Wisconsin woods are gone but they’re traded for soothing synths and guitar’s of the electric kind. If you haven’t heard these guys yet this track is a decent gauge of their sound, they have a certain spookiness that I can’t really describe. So check it out for sure

MP3: The Chairs – “Flume” (Bon Iver Cover)

And if you enjoy this sample be sure to see them on their tour next month. They’re sweeping through the midwest on a short tour, and they’ll be hitting La Crosse on March 26th. Their show is at Viterbo University, too bad places like the Warehouse can’t bring in acts like this, La Crosse is a town anxious for concerts like this one, and I hope there is a great turn out for these guys. So go out and support great music, whether it’s at their La Crosse show or any of their midwest stops, it’ll be worth your time. 


The boys from Appleton are worth remembering, be sure to check them out

The boys from Appleton are worth remembering, be sure to check them out


A debut album is set to be released March 17th, so the tour should be featuring plenty of new material. Check out some more of their material on their myspace, including their cover of “In An Aeroplane Over the Sea.” Or jump over to their official page to find out some more info about the crew. All dates for the tour below:

March 21 Omaha, Nebraska The Foundry
March 22 Columbia, Missouri Cherry Street Artisan
March 23 Kansas City, Missouri Davey’s Uptown
March 24 Ames, Iowa Ames Progressive
March 25 East Moline, Illinois MixTapes
March 26 Viterbo University La Crosse, Wisconsin
March 27 Elbo Room Chicago, Illinois

Second Supper Issue 147, Hollywood Dreams 

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second-supper-147-cover In this issue of the Second Supper we explore the lights and glamour of the movies in Hollywood. In this issue you will find of course the usual articles (Top 7, Social Networking, College Sucks & Y Marks the Spot), but you will also find articles that have to do with movies because the people at the Second Supper know you love them.

The first movie related article you will notice is the movie quote quiz. I must admit that some of these are actually pretty tough, I went through them and could only get a few of them at first glance. Amber Miller also makes a great point about which gender’s skin you tend to see more in movies, and she takes a pretty in depth look at the issue. There is also an interview with Joan Juster an independent film maker from San Francisco (director and producer of Alaska Far Away) about the content of her movie as well as the process of making it. You can also read an overview of the Frozen River Film Festival by Adam Bissen.

Be sure to also look towards the back of the issue because you will also get your normal assortment of crossword puzzles, reviews, comics and mazes. Another quality issue from the quality alternative newspaper from the Coulee Region area. To read this issue and past issues of the Second Supper go to or check them out at

The Second Supper, Your Local Press News

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second-super-2 I want to tell all of you out there about an alternative newspaper called the Second Supper that is distributed in my area of residence. Most of the people that post on this blog know about it, but those of you readers out there that aren’t from our area (La Crosse, Coulee Region area) probably don’t know about it. They write about a variety of issues and have regularly syndicated columns (“Smock Talk”, “College Sucks” & “Y Marks the Spot”), as well as introspective features such as “Social Networking” and funny editorials like “The Top 5”. There are also reviews of music, beer, albums & books. Many of you may be saying, “Well Tim, that’s fine and dandy, but we don’t live in your area so we can’t read The Second Supper.” That is where you would be wrong.

The Second Supper has their own website on the Internet where you are able to view the most recent issue of the paper as well as issues for the last 4 weeks. That’s right folks you get everything on their website that you would otherwise be able to get in their weekly tangible publication. It sounds like a great idea to me to go checkout their website and see for yourself. The website also can show all of you readers out there what is going on in the area, so if you are ever thinking about coming to the Coulee Region for a vacation you can be ahead of the game.

Please go check out the Second Supper website and let me know what you think, I would greatly appreciate it!

You can also jump over to their page on MySpace