Merriweather Post Pavillion Influence Mixtape

Wondering where Animal Collective got their ideas for one of the best albums released in the past few years? Maybe you just want to know what’s on Panda or Avey’s iPod? Well look no further friends, because an eight track Mixtape was recently released for your listening pleasure. Initially created for customers who pre-ordered the January 20th CD release of Merriweather, copys have been making their way around the web all day as recipiants of the “rare and limited” tapes have been spreading the word about how much AC apparently loves Erykah Badu.

I’m anxious to give this mix a listen to not only because I’ve heard of only a few names on the list but also because of the way AC draws upon so many different sources to create their amazing music. Too bad I’m stuck in class right now, but oh well. Maybe if I get ambitious I’ll get a review up, but for now I’ll let you be the judge.

Rough Trade exclusive: Animal Collective Merriweather Post Pavillion Pavillion mixtape


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