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Sabzi (of Blue Scholars), 69ROLLS&OOF! (Mixtape)

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Thank you to Matt Conway for this gem in my inbox. Here is a new mixtape from Sabzi (of Blue Scholars & Common Market). Here is what Sabzi himself had to say about it:

People ask me why I care about making a mix of Hawaiian tunes. I tell them that it’s because Iʼm from Seattle. I donʼt think I can apply the word ‘foreign’ to any cultural elements that have influenced me in becoming the person I am today. Through years of, um, ‘nourishment’ from grinds, to listening to Jawaiian tunes as a teenager, to starting a group with a military kid from Honolulu, to learning the meaning of ‘false crack’ the hard way (ha!)… the spirit of Hawaii has long maintained a notable presence in my life. And while Iʼm not Hawaiian, nor do I claim to be a local boy, I acknowledge and am thankful for the role that the Islands have played in the development of my cultural identity.

For me, a big part of the OOF! EP project was to experiment with a new way of identifying who we are and where we come from.  It was an exercise in global cultural expression . Perhaps this is the age we can start believing that “where we are from” is anywhere that has influenced us in becoming who we are. And perhaps our brothers and sisters are those who want to share this belief with us. When you embrace this idea, you start to think that home can be everywhere and your people could be everyone. New People comin thru, son!

Respect to In4mation for the nifty ‘OOF!’ logo they designed and lent us, respect to Ohana for engineering the delicious shrimp tempura + diced spicy scallop + krab + masago sushi that they’ve dubbed the ‘69 Roll,’ and respect to you for reading this and listening to these tunes.


Download: Sabzi, 69ROLLS&OOF! (Mixtape)


Fashawn & Alchemist, The Antidote (Mixtape) (Download)

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The Antidote

This is what I am talking about. Thank you Shake. Here is some material to hold you over until Boy Meets World hits the shelves on October 20th. This is an 11 track mixtape with Fash on the mic, and ALC on the production boards. Good Lord, this shit is going to go hard as hell. I have it downloading at this very moment, and you should to. Follow me after the jump for the tracklist and download link. Continue reading

Hercules & Love Affair debut new material via mix cd

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The art of the mixtape is far from dead. Whether you’re talking the thousands of hip-hop and rap artists trying to get their name out there or hype an album through this medium, or you’re chatting about the newest Fabric Live or Kitsune tapes, mix cds are not as dead as their 90’s origins. Come July 13 in fact, you’ll be able to get your hands on some awesome new Hercules and Love Affair material thanks to mastermind and coordinator Andrew Butler’s new mixtape. 


Set to be released on Dance happy label Renaissance, the album will feature Andy Butler doing what he does best: DJing for two hours. Rats off to anybody who recognizes more than about five tracks on it, seeing as Butler has a taste for the obscure, bottom-of-the-crate house music. But I’ve got full faith in the man, after seeing him spin live and after hearing him on various podcasts, I know that the Hercules front man can deliver some of the best in the last few decade’s dance music. 

Andrew Butler will be the test case for this mix series as well, entitled Sidetracked. Though it’s a concept that various labels and outlets have been exploring lately, Sidetracked looks to be another promising medium for artists to show that they’re into music other than their own. So be sure to check out the album when it hits shelves July 13.


CD 1 (mixed) CD 2 (same tracks; un-mixed)
01 Westbam: “And Party”
02 Sax: “No Pares (Don’t Stop)”
03 Hercules & Love Affair: “I Can’t Wait”
04 In Flagranti: “I Never Screwed Around Before”
05 Dubwise: “Hold Me Real Tight”
06 Fax Yourself: “Sunshine”
07 Todd Terry Project: “Weekend”
08 Daniel Wang: “Zola Has Landed”
09 Rhythm Masters: “Oh Oh Why”
10 Los Kings Del Mambo: “Studio X”
11 Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band: “I’ll Play the Fool”
12 Ray Martinez Jnr: “Lady of the Night”
13 Gino Soccio “Dream On”
14 Rainbow Team: “Dreaming”

Mind Inversion’s Sound Immersion 05/09 (Vol. 4)

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May Sound Immersion

The team here at Mind Inversion are back to offer you faithfuls another monthly mix tape. This month we’re going with a summer theme. Some of songs feature summer in the title, and others simply remind us of this time of year. Though it’s not yet 90 and humid here, the end of the spring semester just screams summer!  I just barely managed to stay sane throughout my first year, and many of the other contributors have also been working diligently towards their degrees. The picture is a nice reminder of Mind Inversion’s home here in the midwest, a place most of us will be at for at least part of the summer. So let’s all celebrate with this terrific mix, dedicated to the greatest time of the year. Enjoy the sun, enjoy the freedom, but most of all enjoy the music!

Missed the other Sound Immersions? Get them here: Vol 1 Vol 2 Vol 3

Sound Immersion 05/09 (Vol. 4): Summer

1. Beck – “Electric Music and The Summer People” (Ryan)
2. Black Milk – “Tronic Summer – Black Milk (Tim)
3. …And You Will Know Us By Our Trail of Dead – “Summer of ’91” (Dan)
4. Islands – “Jogging Gorgeous Summer” (Erik)
5. Frank Black – “Los Angeles” (Terry)
6. Erlend Oye – “Like Gold” (Dan)
7. Pink Floyd – “Wish You Were Here” (Terry)
8. Pavement – “Summer Babe” (Tim)
9. Now, Now Every Children – “Sleep Through Summer” (Ryan)
10. Jens Lekman – “A Sweet Summer’s Night On Hammer Hill” (Erik)
11. Refused – “Summerholidays Vs. Punkroutine” (Ryan)

DOWNLOAD the whole mix

The Cool Kids release two new tracks in anticipation of new mixtape

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The indie friendly hip-hop stars Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish have been busy since their stellar Bake Sale EP release in 2008. With the release of the That’s Stupid Mixtape the same year in conjunction with a tour, and now they’re working on their second studio album When Fish Ride Bicycles slated for release later this year. But they’ve got another project ready to drop this week. The Gone Fishing Mixtape will be released Monday May 4th on Cake Recordings.


The tape was produced and performed along side their long time friend Don Cannon, and the two singles that they leaked today display some of their best work to date. “Champions” shows some of the Cool Kids most interesting production to date, adding tons of fuzzed out and over the top bass lines to the usual snare kicks that they’ve perfected by now. I absolutely love this track, the way that the chorus bangs is absolutely unreal. Maybe it’s not quite as smooth as some of their other material and a little bit more of what some people would call “mainstream” but it’s still awesome. The other single, “Popcorn” is a lot more in line with their other material. Some really good samples and some really smooth vocals. It’s always a good mix for Mikey and Chuck.

The Cool Kids – “Champions”

The Cool Kids – “Popcorn”

So grab the MP3s and check their blog Monday to download the whole Gone Fishing Mixtape!

Mixtape: RP3 Present J Dilla – “Midnight Snack”

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So there seems to be an endless amount of J Dilla material out there, and by “seems to be” I mean, there is. Whether it’s original material leaking out, Dilla mash-ups, Dilla collaborations, or what I’m about to discuss at length, Dilla Mixes. 




The newest Mix to hit the Dilla enthusiast circuit, Midnight Snack, is a unique blend of jazz influence and smooth hip-hop from Dilla’s long and storied catalogue. Running just over an hour, this mix is the perfect treat for that “midnight snack” that we all crave. It’s mellow and calm, yet it doesn’t bore the listener at all. The entire mix flows so well, mixing in various vocal sample, my favorite being from the lady who adorns your glorious voicemail. 

I might be over-matched trying to review this tape, seeing as I’m not the biggest Dilla fan in the world, or even on Mind Inversion. But I think it’s nice to have news about the guy coming from someone who doesn’t absolutely worship him. So yeah, with a level head and an honest conscious I can say without a doubt that any lover of music will enjoy this mix. You don’t have to appreciate Dilla, you don’t have to have a ph. d. in hip-hop, just sit back, turn the lights low, work on some homework maybe, and enjoy this awesome awesome stellar mix of beautiful music from a legend.

8.8 yummy tasty delicious scrumptious donuts out of 10



Merriweather Post Pavillion Influence Mixtape

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Wondering where Animal Collective got their ideas for one of the best albums released in the past few years? Maybe you just want to know what’s on Panda or Avey’s iPod? Well look no further friends, because an eight track Mixtape was recently released for your listening pleasure. Initially created for customers who pre-ordered the January 20th CD release of Merriweather, copys have been making their way around the web all day as recipiants of the “rare and limited” tapes have been spreading the word about how much AC apparently loves Erykah Badu.

I’m anxious to give this mix a listen to not only because I’ve heard of only a few names on the list but also because of the way AC draws upon so many different sources to create their amazing music. Too bad I’m stuck in class right now, but oh well. Maybe if I get ambitious I’ll get a review up, but for now I’ll let you be the judge.

Rough Trade exclusive: Animal Collective Merriweather Post Pavillion Pavillion mixtape